Media Production ʻUlu Room

What is the Lumi ʻUlu (ʻUlu Room)?

Students using the computers and podium in the ʻUlu Room

The ʻUlu Room , on the 3rd floor (Upper Level) of the Library in LRC 364, provides access to multimedia equipment and software for use in course assignments and preparation. The ʻUlu Room has equipment to:

  • Create and practice a presentation for class
  • Work on a multimedia project or portfolio
  • Collaborate on a group production
  • Design a website
  • Edit videos with various software like Adobe Premiere and Davinci Resolve Studio
  • Edit and enhance photos with Photoshop CC
  • Scan documents and images and import them into a project
  • Generate Backing Tracks, Music Composistion and Songwriting with Band In A Box
  • Audio Recording with Audacity

The room is not entirely soundproof so please minimize noise when using the room.

Lumi ‘Ulu Media Production Room Quick Start Guide

What's Available?

In the ʻUlu Room there is an overhead projection system, a computer, and a scanner. Presentations can be created on the computer and then uploaded to the overhead projector to practice delivery. The following software packages are installed on the Multimedia Editing Station in the Ulu Room:

Software Purpose
Adobe Acrobat X Professional PDF Editing and Creation
Adobe Animate Adobe Animate is a powerful tool for creating animations and multimedia content.
Adobe Illustrator Creative Cloud Adobe Illustrator is a leading vector graphics software
Adobe InDesign Creative Cloud Adobe InDesign is a professional desktop publishing software that’s part of the Adobe Creative Cloud suite.
Adobe Media Encoder Creative Cloud Adobe Media Encoder is designed to allow you to encode audio and video in a variety of formats for different applications and devices.
Adobe Photoshop Creative Cloud Adobe Photoshop is a powerful image editing software that’s part of the Adobe Creative Cloud suite.
Affinity Designer Affinity Designer is a vector graphics editor
Affinity Photo Affinity Photo is a professional photo editing software
Affinity Publisher Affinity Publisher is a professional page layout software designed for creating high-quality publications such as books, magazines, and marketing materials
Band in a Box 2020 Band-in-a-Box 2020 is a popular music accompaniment software. It allows musicians to create backing tracks quickly and easily.
Audacity Audacity is a widely-used, open-source audio editing software that’s perfect for recording, editing, and mixing audio tracks. It’s suitable for both beginners and professionals due to its intuitive interface and comprehensive set of features.
Davinci Resolve Studio DaVinci Resolve Studio is a professional video editing software. It’s known for its advanced color grading, visual effects, and audio post-production capabilities.
Microsoft Office Microsoft Office, offers a suite of productivity applications designed to help with various tasks such as document creation, presentations, and communication

Files must be saved to a personal USB drive, or Google drive, or sent to an email account. Do NOT save anything to the computers - non-system files will be deleted on a regular basis.

ʻUlu Room Equipment

Equipment in the Room

Part Description Replacement Cost
Sony 46" TV x2 $425.00 each
Dell Optiplex 7040 Micro $789.00
Dell Precision Graphics PC $1,200.00
Dell 24" Monitor $250.00
USB Microphone $69.00
Wall-Mounted Projector Screen $1,221.00
HP 8270 Scanjet Scanner $899.99
InFocus HDMI Presentation Projector $4,958.71

ʻUlu Room Kit

Equipment in the Kit Checked Out from Circulation Desk

Part Description Replacement Cost
Sony TV Remote $59.95
Logitech MK520 Mouse+Keyboard set $29.99
InFocus Projector Remote $49.99