Kilohana: The Math Center

Kilohana is closed for the summer and will reopen the second week of the Fall 2024 semester. Please complete this short survey about your experience with Kilohana to help us improve.

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Welcome to Kilohana: The Math Center. We offer free, walk-in math tutoring for 100-200 level math courses and we are located on the first floor of the Mookini Library (LRC 123).

Math peer staff are qualified students who have done well in their math courses and would like to help you succeed in yours! They are proficient in a wide range of math topics including College Algebra, pre-Calculus, and Calculus. Some are able to tutor math from other natural science courses or other upper-division math courses as well.

Mahalo and we hope to see you soon!

-- Corin Kim, Kilohana STEM Coordinator

The UH Hilo Student Conduct Code is in effect throughout the campus including all Kilohana Centers and Kilohana sponsored events.

Math Center Schedule

The regular tutoring schedule begins the second week of the semester and ends on the last day of instruction. Peer staff are available on an abbreviated basis during final exam week to allow our student staff time to prepare and study for their own final exams.

Math Center Location

The Math Center is located on the first floor of the Mookini Library.

Go around the corner from the elevators and follow the signs to the large, glass doors with the Kilohana logo.

Check in with a tutor on duty and you're ready to go!

Tips for a Successful Math Conference

  1. Come Early! If it seems like your professor is speaking another language, or your homework goes from challenging to incomprehensible, do not wait until the day before the exam! Come to the Math Center and let one of the trained staff help you get back on track.
  2. Make Sure Your Foundation is Solid. Most math courses build new skills and knowledge on previously learned concepts. If you struggled in an earlier course, you might lack confidence as you begin the next course. Before that happens, let one of the math staff help you strengthen your mastery of the foundation concepts you will need to excel in your current (or next) class.
  3. Make Math A Habit. Spending a little time every day on your math is a better way to learn than trying to cram a day or two before a big exam. The Math Center is your space! Make it a habit to drop in and do your homework there. That way, if you have any questions, someone trained to help you learn the material is there for you.
  4. Be Prepared for Your Session. The Math Center staff are there to help every UH Hilo student who desires assistance, but they can get busy. They cannot always spend hours working with one student. The best way to make use of your time and the staff's time is to have a specific question so you get the help you need and then work on your own to make sure you understand the concept.

Helpful Resources

The following resource posters were created by former Kilohana Chemistry Staff Francis Sakai-Kawada:

This resource poster was created by former Kilohana Chemistry Staff Francis Sakai-Kawada and former Kilohana Computer Science Staff Matthew Brown: