Kilohana: The Science Center

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This section has information about Kilohana's Science Center, tutor schedules, and helpful handouts. Scroll through to see when science tutors are working and find answers to any questions about Kilohana's Science Center you may have.

Coordinator's Welcome

Aloha and welcome to Kilohana: The Science Center. We offer free, walk-in tutoring in biology, chemistry, astronomy, and physics courses at UH Hilo. The Center is located in the Mookini Library, on the first floor.

Science peer staff are UH Hilo students who possess excellent knowledge in different science subjects, good inter-personal skills, and who can articulate science concepts to student visitors.

In addition to a supportive study environment, we also have a variety of resources and materials available for your use! There computeres available with software such as ChemLab, molecule model kits, and access to one of the Mookini Library's pay printer stations.

We hope that you will make Kilohana: The Science Center your one-stop shop to excel in all of your science classes!

-- Corin Kim , Kilohana STEM Coordinator

The UH Hilo Student Conduct Code is in effect throughout the campus including all Kilohana Centers and Kilohana sponsored events.

Science Center Schedule

The Center's schedule begins the second week of instruction and ends on the last day of instruction. There is an abbreviated schedule during finals week.

Use the subject links below to see when peer staff are available for consultation.

Science Center Location

The Science Center is located on the first floor of the Mookini Library.

Go around the corner from the elevators and follow the signs to the large, glass doors with the Kilohana logo.

Check in with a tutor on duty and you're ready to go!

Helpful Resources

Check out the following resource posters created by former Kilohana Chemistry Staff Eric Tsuji:

Check out the following resource poster created by former Kilohana Chemistry Staff Kehau Hagiwara:

Check out the following resource poster created by former Kilohana Chemistry Staff Francis Sakai-Kawada:


General Chemistry

Organic Chemistry


Basic Biology


Protein Databank

Pymol for Instructional

Anatomy and Physiology

Molecular Biology