2024-2025 UHHSA Senate

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Executive Officers

UHHSA President

UHHSA President Chelbi Sirach EspirituChelbi Sirach Espiritu

Chelbi Sirach Espiritu

Goals: My primary objective as president of the University of Hawaii at Hilo Student Association (UHHSA) is to establish a campus environment in which every student feels empowered, supported, and heard, thus promoting academic achievement, personal growth, and overall well-being. This includes but is not limited to offering comprehensive support services, and increasing overlooked perspectives to ensure that all students have access to the tools and opportunities they require to succeed academically, socially, and personally. By creating a culture of empowerment, support, and inclusion, we can build a lively and welcoming environment in which students may achieve academically, follow their passions, and make important contributions to their communities both on and off campus.

Campaign Promises:

  1. Increase student participation in campus events, clubs, and organizations through efficient communication, outreach, and innovative programming. This might include arranging events, forums, and seminars to meet the different interests and needs of the student body.
  2. As a strong support for student interests, I address complaints, express their thoughts, and campaign for improvements in academic policies, campus services, and student services. This might include working with university administration, faculty, and staff to make positive changes that improve the overall student experience.
  3. Holding academics and staff responsible for the promises they make to students about academic support, administrative procedures, and campus enhancements. This includes creating clear lines of communication between students and faculty/staff, tracking progress on stated activities, and lobbying for timely and effective assignment completion. Students may be satisfied that their complaints are being addressed and that the institution is actively trying to meet its duties to the student body by promoting openness and accountability.

Get to know Chelbi!

  • Major: B.S. in Biology: Cell, Molecular & Biomedical Sciences and a Minor in Chemistry
  • Hobbies: Baking, cooking, and rewatching shows
  • Email: uhhsaprz@hawaii.edu

UHHSA Vice President


UHHSA is recruiting students to join the Executive Team as Treasurer! If you're interested to build upon your budgetting and accounting skills, submit your application online today!

UHHSA Treasurer


UHHSA is recruiting students to join the Executive Team as Treasurer! If you're interested to build upon your budgetting and accounting skills, submit your application online today!

UHHSA Data Director


UHHSA is recruiting students to join the Executive Team as Treasurer! If you're interested to build upon your budgetting and accounting skills, submit your application online today!

UHHSA Executive Senator


UHHSA is recruiting students to join the Executive Team as Treasurer! If you're interested to build upon your budgetting and accounting skills, submit your application online today!

College Senators

College of Arts and Science's (CAS) Senator

UHHSA CAS Senator Kelsie Rose KealohaKelsie Rose Kealoha

Kelsie Rose Kealoha

Goals: Increase organizational visibility on campus. Provide students with a unique experience(s): Students thrive when basic needs are met. Utilizing the resources that are available to assist/ensure welcoming and supportive environments and experiences. College is an Experience; In all the bustle of life, donʻt forget to enjoy this time of your life.

Campaign Promises:

  1. It all begins with setting goals and thinking about priorities. Goals should be realistic, Goals should be specific, and Goals should have a time frame. I am here to listen to our students and work collaboratively to develop strategies for meeting these goals. We will reach our goals by planning and staying focused and motivated.
  2. Accessibility - Having materials readily accessible. Early and accurate communication of upcoming meetings, activities, and opportunities for students to participate in that align with their interests and involve students in decision-making.
  3. As your CAS Senator with the tools provided, I aim to foster enjoyment and accountability by promoting and facilitating activities to maximize a positive experience. You the student, provide an invaluable contribution to the campus community and what it means to be a student at the University of Hilo, Hawaiʻi.

Get to know Kelsie Rose!

  • Major: Sociology & Administration of Justice (Dbl Major BA)
  • Hobbies: Spending time with my ʻOhana adventuring outdoors to relaxing kanikapila in the backyard. Anytime with ʻOhana and friends is cherished. I also enjoy cooking and baking.
  • Email: uhhsa2@hawaii.edu

College of Business and Economics (CoBE) Senator

UHHSA CoBE Senator Justin NealJustin Neal

Justin Neal

Goals: My goal is to provide resources and information to students that they might not have found on their own.

Campaign Promises:

  1. Create a lounge and study space for CoBE students.
  2. Connect students to local businesses and organizations for personal and professional development.
  3. Streamline the fundraising and travel fund request system for RISOs.

Get to know Justin!

Daniel K. Inouye College of Pharmacy (DKICP) Senator

UHHSA DKICP Senator Gemmy AlegreGemmy Alegre

Gemmy Alegre

Goals: To advocate for the students of DKICP and provide communication between the College of Pharmacy and UHHSA.

Campaign Promises:

  1. Represent and advocate for the needs and wants of the students of DKICP
  2. Provide information to the student body that will help them effectively utilize campus resources and enhance their learning
  3. Create initiatives that will serve the specific needs of DKICP students

Get to know Gemmy!

  • Major: Pharmacy
  • Hobbies: Reading, hiking, film photography, collecting smiskis
  • Email: uhhsa4@hawaii.edu

College of Natural and Health Sciences

UHHSA CNHS Senator Kendall BinderKendall Binder

Kendall Binder

Goals: To take the common interests of the student body and implement them within student government.

Campaign Promises:

  1. Be completely transparent between the student population and what is going on behind the scenes.
  2. Always have the student body's best interests in mind.
  3. Represent the diverse student body as accurately as possible.

Get to know Kendall!

  • Major: Marine Science and Biology
  • Hobbies: Lifting weights, scuba diving, reading, D&D
  • Email: uhhsa11@hawaii.edu

Senator-At-Large 1

UHHSA SAL Ian ScarthIan Scarth

Ian Scarth

Goals: Bring healthy local food to students through Farm2U and Hale Lako. Create regular forums for students and administration to communicate easily. Keep students updated on legislative bills related to UH Hilo campus.Share student opinions with state legislators.

Campaign Promises:

  1. Listen to every student voice intently.
  2. Work diligently and creatively to meet the needs and wants of fellow classmates.
  3. Create bridges over gaps in communication between the student body and the administration.

Get to know Ian!

  • Major: Biology
  • Hobbies: Playing with action figures, juggling with chopsticks, mimicking myna birds, cooking, making music, counting coqui calls
  • Email: uhhsa7@hawaii.edu

Senator-At-Large 2

UHHSA SAL Benjamin "Ben" RudoBenjamin Rudo

Benjamin Rudo

Goals: Restore popular, previously existing initiatives and activities on campus. Focus on sustainability and longevity, improving campus infrastructure. Decrease barriers to access for UHHSA and other CSO’s.

Campaign Promises:

  1. Be LOUD for the students. If we want something let’s get it!
  2. Acknowledge and adapt to any failures, I won’t be beating a dead horse.
  3. Everyone wants to have a good time. That is the goal.

Get to know Ben!

  • Major: Chemistry, Biology.
  • Hobbies: Hiking, gardening, finding out, SCUBA, kayaking, mycology
  • Email: uhhsa8@hawaii.edu

Senator-At-Large 3

UHHSA SAL Nikki VoNikki Vo Nikki Vo

Goals: My goal is to amplify the voices of students where this ensures their prespectivers are heard and actively working to address their needs and concerns.

Campaign Promises:

  1. Create a safe & welcoming environment where mental health is prioritized.
  2. Connect students with peers and faculty for impactful relationships.
  3. Tie the Hilo community to UH Hilo.

Get to know Nikki!

  • Major: Biology: Biomedical & Psychology
  • Hobbies: Gaming, reading, & cooking!
  • Email: uhhsa9@hawaii.edu

Senator-At-Large 4

Mercy Gilniy

UHHSA SAL Mercy GilniyMercy Gilniy

Goals: My goal for UHHSA is to foster a vibrant and inclusive campus community through various initiatives and programs. This includes enhancing student engagement by organizing diverse events that cater to the interests and needs of all students, promoting cultural exchange, advocating for student rights and welfare, and facilitating opportunities for personal and professional growth. Through collaboration, innovation, and commitment, I aspire to create an enriching and supportive environment that enhances the overall college experience for every student at UH Hilo.

Campaign Promises:

  1. Student Well-being and Support Services
  2. Diversity, Equity and Inclusion
  3. Academic Excellence and Opportunities

Get to know Mercy!

  • Major: Political Science
  • Hobbies: Gardening, hiking, and cooking
  • Email: uhhsa10@hawaii.edu

Vacant Positions

College Senators

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