2023-2024 UHHSA Senate

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UHHSA Senators Lobbying At State Capitol

Executive Officers

UHHSA President

UHHSA President Chelbi Sirach EspirituChelbi Sirach Espiritu

Chelbi Sirach Espiritu

Goals: Realize when I have too much on my plate and acknowledge when I need to take breaks for myself; allow myself to have fun with friends and coworkers around me to make unforgettable memories!

Campaign Promises:

  1. Advance the communication within UHHSA, other Chartered Student Organizations (CSO), and the University as a whole
  2. Enforce deadlines within the Senate to ensure student fees are being utilized for the well-being of the student community
  3. Organize files to establish transparency between UHHSA and the students.

Get to know Chelbi!

  • Major: Biology
  • Hobbies: Diamond painting, reading, baking, cooking, and rewatching shows
  • Email: uhhsaprz@hawaii.edu

UHHSA Vice President

UHHSA Vice President Russell-Jearuss RonoloRussell-Jearuss Ronolo

Russell-Jearuss Ronolo

Goals: Act as the liason between the student body, campus administration, and student organizations to further develop greater connections with each other.

Campaign Promises:

  1. Develop and create many opportunities for students to engage and understand UHHSA
  2. Actively represent the needs, concerns, and ideas of the students
  3. Increase student life at UH Hilo

Get to know Russell!

  • Major: Kinesiology and Exercise Science
  • Hobbies: Commmunity involvement, going to the beach, journaling, and reading!
  • Email: uhhsavp@hawaii.edu

UHHSA Treasurer


UHHSA is recruiting students to join the Executive Team as Treasurer! If you're interested to build upon your budgetting and accounting skills, submit your application online today!

UHHSA Data Director

UHHSA Data Director Michaela WongMichaela Wong

Michaela Wong

Goals: Act as the liason between the student body, campus administration, and student organizations to further develop greater connections with each other.

Campaign Promises:

  1. Increase student involvement in working towards a more sustainable campus and personal lifestyle
  2. Serve as a bridge between the UH Hilo Sustainability Committee and the student body
  3. Make UHHSA website information more accessible

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UHHSA Executive Senator


College Senators

College of Arts and Sciences (CAS) Senator

UHHSA CAS Senator Kelsierose KealohaKelsierose Kealoha

Kelsierose Kealoha


  1. College is an experence. Build friendships, make memores, have fun, and celebrate all the achievements, big and small!
  2. Get involved! I acknowledge and value the importance of participation. You can be leaders from any place, in any position.

Campaign Promises:

  1. I am humbled to take up the responsibilities in being your CAS Senator. "Leadership is not a goal. It's a way of reaching a goal" to focus on others, the needs and the goals. To lead is to serve, to give, and to achieve together." I look forward to connecting and empowering our UH Hilo ʻOhana.
  2. Individually, I am to intenionally engage for the purpose of continued development, support, and balance as we collectively take on the kuleana.

Get to know Kelsierose!

  • Major: Sociology
  • Hobbies: Ocean activities, yoga, picking pua's with my keiki's, spending time with & going holoholo with my ʻOhana
  • Email: uhhsa2@hawaii.edu

College of Natural and Health Sciences (CNHS) Senator

UHHSA CAS Senator Nikki VoNikki Vo

Nikki Vo

Goals: connect students to their resources that maximize efficiency and be a voice for the student body!

Campaign Promises:

  1. Focus more on mental wellness of students
  2. Make events more comfortable for all students

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Daniel K. Inouye College of Pharmacy (DKICP) Senator

UHHSA DKICP Senator Gemmy AlegreGemmy Alegre

Gemmy Alegre

Goals: advocate for the students of DKICP and provide communication between the College of Pharmacy and UHHSA

Campaign Promises:

  1. Represent and advocate for the needs and wants of the students of DKICP
  2. Provide information to the student body that will help them effectively utilize campus resources and enhance their learning
  3. Create initiatives that will serve the specific needs of DKICP students

Get to know Gemmy!

  • Major: Pharmacy
  • Hobbies: reading, hiking, film photography
  • Email: uhhsa4@hawaii.edu


Ian Scarth

Vacant Positions

College Senators

Graduate & At-Large Senators


Professional Staff Advisor

UHHSA Office Staff