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UHHSA Senators Lobbying At State Capitol

2021- 2022 UHHSA Senate

Executive Officers

![UHHSA President Hannah Blue](images/leadership/ZoAcosta.JPG)

UHHSA President

Hannah Blue

Goals: Better establish student health and well-being as a priority of UHHSA and our campus, and continue collaboration on initiatives to provide students with more resources for mental wellness, menstrual health, and basic hygiene.

Campaign Promises: Improve the internal structure of the organization and develop a clear set of standard procedures to help ensure that Senate operations run smoothly and efficiently.

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![![UHHSA Vice President Kamalani Poepoe](images/leadership/ZoAcosta.JPG)](images/uhhsa/0copy.jpg)

UHHSA Vice President

Kamalani Poepoe

Goals: Learn how to manage my time wisely, balance work, life and school, and practice self-care routines.

Campaign Promises: Campus Banners Phase I & II (Directional Banners and Student Representation), Indigenizing UH Hilo campus with 'Olelo Hawai'i, Create a comfortable environment for UH Hilo students to engage with the UHHSA Senate.

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  • Major: Astronomy (Major), Physics (Major) and Art (Minor)
  • Hobbies: Reading, baking, making ice cream, and learning how to make bentos
  • Email: uhhsavp@hawaii.edu

UHHSA Treasurer Chelbi Sirach Espiritu

UHHSA Treasurer

Chelbi Sirach Espiritu

Goals: Realize when I have too much on my plate and acknowledge when I need to take breaks for myself; allow myself to have fun with friends and coworkers around me to make unforgettable memories!

Campaign Promises: Advancing the communication within UHHSA, other Chartered Student Organizations (CSO), and the University as a whole; Enforcing deadlines within the Senate to ensure student fees are being utilized for the well-being of the student community; Organizing files to establish transparency between UHHSA and the students.

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  • Major: Biology
  • Hobbies: Diamond painting, reading, baking, cooking, and rewatching shows
  • Email: uhhsatr@hawaii.edu

UHHSA Data Director Makamae Kamaka-Mauhili

UHHSA Data Director

Makamae Kamaka-Mauhili

Goals: I would like to work on knowing my limits as a Student. I tend to take on more than I should and sometimes struggle to balance it all (but I am getting better at it). I would also like to work on communicating more effectively.

Campaign Promises: I will keep documents up to date to ensure accurate information gets to students, staff, and the public domain. I want UHHSA to be involved in Student Life and Experience here at the University and to provide a space where students' voices can be heard.

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  • Major: Business Administration with concentrations in Marketing and Management; Minor in Gender and Women's Studies
  • Hobbies: I do Outrigger Canoe Paddling and dance Hula. I also like to write in my free time.
  • Email: uhhsadd@hawaii.edu

College Senators

Graduate & At-Large Senators

Professional Staff Advisor

  • Matthew Kalahiki, Campus Center Assistant Director, UHHSA Advisor
  • Email: mmkk@hawaii.edu

UHHSA Office Staff