UHHSA Committees

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The UHHSA committees are designed to help address and resolve specific issues of interest at UH Hilo. Standing Committees are permanent committees specializing in the consideration of particular subject areas of interest that the senate deems important based on student input. Ad-Hoc Committees are created throughout the year for a specific purpose, case, or situation at hand.

Tabling for UHHSA Sustainability Committee event in CC Plaza

Committee Guidelines & Chairs

Executive Committee

Section Leader:President Blue

This committee shall be comprised of the Executive board members, review items to be added to the Senate agenda, and oversee all personnel and/or litigation issues.

Student Voice

Section Leader: President Blue

Board of Regents (BOR)


This committee shall consist of two senators who will attend monthly Board of Regents meetings. Their role is to maintain a student presence, establish connections with other participants at the monthly meeting, while observing and furthering UHHSA's knowledge on the policies and systematic processes that may affect UH Hilo.

University of Hawaiʻi Student Caucus (UHSC)


This committee shall represent students by monitoring system level issues, hosting caucus meetings held at UH Hilo, and represent UHHSA at caucus meetings.


President Blue

This committee shall research and advocate for the student body at all levels of governance and work towards representing UHHSA in a professional and recognizable manner.

Campus Engagement

Section Leader: Vice Presedent Poepoe

Public Relations

Vice Presedent Poepoe

This committee shall monitor all UHHSA bulletin boards, assist UHHSA-sponsored RISOs in public relations, spread awareness of UHHSA affairs, enforce promotion of UHHSA sponsored activities, and manage a calendar of events. The chair of this committee shall serve as alternate Spokesperson for UHHSA in the absence of the President.



This committee shall be in charge of hosting various UHHSA sponsored events on a monthly basis. Events include, but are not limited to Hoʻolauleʻa, Oh Hell Week, and Flow.



This committee shall be responsible for facilitating all aspects of the UHHSA elections which take place every year during the Spring semester.

Responsibilities include:

  • promoting UHHSA throughout the entire year in order to ensure candidate transparency for each of UHHSA’s senate positions;
  • for filling any open positions on the UHHSA senate as they become vacant throughout the year.
  • The chairperson of this committee shall be known as the Chief Elections Officer.
    • Upon accepting the role of Chief Elections Officer, this student is not eligible for candidacy in the UHHSA election they are responsible for facilitating.

Student Life

Section Leader: Vice Presedent Poepoe



This committee shall accelerate the university's ability to provide for the needs of its current and future members without compromising the long term health and vitality of our biosphere and society. The committee’s projects will focus on making tangible and quantifiable changes within the university and community that will further advance its mission. An underlying goal of the committee is to advocate for and obtain a substantial investment by the university to institutionalize the mission in the form of a funded UH Hilo Office of Sustainability.

Hilo Ambassador

CAS Senator Balai uhhsa2@hawaii.edu

This committee shall provide funding for UH Hilo students to gain exposure of Hilo as representatives of UH Hilo. Inform faculty of different possibilities for students. Select individual students for opportunities, expand the ambassador program, and move towards separating the committee from UHHSA.

Registered Independent Student Organizations (RISO) Funding

CAS Senator Balai uhhsa2@hawaii.edu

This committee shall coordinate and extend UHHSA Senate services and programs to RISO’s;, and correspond with RISO’s regarding funding rules, guidelines, activities and UHHSA Senate updates. This committee shall assist fellow senators in preparation and submission of resolutions, bills, or other legislation related to the operation of the UHHSA Senate.

For Registered Independent Student Organizations:

Additional Committees

UHHSA Senators also represent students on the following Campus Committees: