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Welina Mai!

The UHHSA Senate meets weekly in Campus Center. At Senate meetings, the members pass bills for funding, introduce resolutions for ratification, and discuss other important matters that concern the student body.

UHHSA Senate Meetings

Here you can find all of the current dates, times and location for meetings.

UHHSA Senate Meetings (Spring 2019)

UHHSA Meetings are open to the general public. For more information please see the Senate Rules (PDF).

You can also watch the meetings on the UHHSA YouTube Channel.

Date Meeting Time Location
03/28/2019 18-19:026 7:00 PM CC 301
04/04/2019 18-19:027 7:00 PM CC 306
04/11/2019 18-19:028 7:00 PM CC 306
04/18/2019 18-19:029 7:00 PM UHHSA Office CC 203A
04/25/2019 18-19:030 7:00 PM CC 306
05/02/2019 18-19:031 7:00 PM CC 301