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In your university journey, you'll face new challenges, and as each one is overcome, you'll experience a great feeling of reward in what you have achieved. But don't stress! We're here to help.

There are many different campus resources to help you along the way, and we can show you how to make the most of these. Have a browse through the page below for simple and understandable FAQs, Tips for success, and other great resources you might find useful.

The Basics

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1. How can I meet with an advisor?

All students with majors are assigned to a faculty advisor within their department.

All students without a major are assigned to us, the Advising Center.

You can find out who your advisor is by logging on to your STAR degree program. If your advisor is unavailable or if you need to be assigned to another advisor, you can visit the Division office of which your major falls under to begin this process. Questions about General Education and other graduation requirements can also be addressed by the Advising Center. You can schedule an appointment with the Advising Center by calling (808) 932-7776, email, or scroll down to request to Book your Appointment.

2. When and how do I register for classes?

Registration dates depend on your class standing. Seniors are typically first to register. Log on to your STAR degree program to see how many credits you have completed. This will determine your class standing.

A full breakdown of registration dates and other important registration information can be found in this Registration Guide.

3. How do I declare and/or make changes to my major?

Advisors at the Advising Center are well-versed in the process of helping students choose the right major and they could help you with the process of exploring different possibilities, with the goal of finding the major here at UH Hilo that will provide the best match . A listing of programs and majors is also provided in the catalog, while individual departments also welcome inquiries from prospective students.

4. How do I know what classes I have left in order to earn a Bachelor’s degree?

Log in to your STAR degree program degree program.

On the Academic Pathway tab of STAR, you will see a full breakdown of your General Education requirements, Major requirements, as well as other University requirements needed for graduation. After viewing your STAR, sit down with your advisor to “compare notes.” He or she will be able to answer questions you may have about any remaining courses you have yet to take, as well as point out any additional items that could either positively or negatively affect your proposed graduation date.

5. How do I apply for graduation? (Seniors)

The graduation application can downloaded from the Registrar’s website. Be sure to read the entire application and all related directions. Before completing your application, you should set up an appointment with your advisor in your major to ensure that all requirements have been or are on track to be completed. The Office of the Registrar has also put together a list of handy Graduation FAQs for students coming up on graduation.

6. What if I am having trouble in my classes?

There are resources available on campus to help you. If you are in need of tutoring or counseling, the Kilohana Academic Support Center in the basement of the library and UH Hilo Counseling Services in the Student Services Center are places that can help you.

Advisors at the Advising Center can also help connect you to resources that can get you back on track to graduate. Many students experience some kind of academic difficulty during their UH Hilo careers. The best ones are able to recognize the issues and find positive solutions to help them progress to complete their degrees. Academic troubles will only get worse if left unaddressed. Make time to meet with your advisor sooner rather than later.

7. I was placed on academic probation, who can I talk to?

First-year freshmen and transfer students can meet with advisors in the Advising Center.

Other student resources available on campus are also here to help. These include:

Tips for Success

No. 1
Meet regularly with your advisor to stay on track, don’t be afraid to ask for help
No. 2
If you haven’t done so yet, declare your major before your Junior year
No. 3
Be sure to complete all General Education, Major coursework, and any other graduation requirements
No. 4
Explore directed individualized study, special project, or internship opportunities in your major department
No. 5
Apply for graduation, 10 months before your graduation semester, & clear up any graduation deficiencies before your graduating semester
No. 6
Always check and read your email
No. 7
Speak to a faculty advisor about specializations and current trends in the field
No. 8
Join any student organization affiliated with your interests and/or academic major

Useful Resources

Career assessments, Career counseling, Resume critiques, Student Employment, & Praxis/GRE Testing Administration

STAR program discrepancies, Catalog Year declaration eligibility, & Registration related questions.

Anything related to financial aid eligibility, awards, loans, and scholarships.

Writing Center, Math Lab, Science Center, and Tutoring in many subject areas.

How to calculate your current GPA, cumulative GPA, and raise your GPA

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