Ka HakaʻUla Ō Keʻelikolani College of Hawaiian Language (KHʻUOK)


What does a degree from UH Hilo/KHʻUOK mean?

A degree from The University of Hawaiʻi at Hilo’s College of Hawaiian Language, Ka Haka ʻUla Ō Keʻelikōlani (KHʻUOK) signifies students have obtained Hawaiian language proficiency and Hawaiian culture knowledge. All students exiting with degrees from this college have the potential to actively engage and contribute to the revitalization and continued advancement and growth of the Hawaiian language and mauli ola Hawaiʻi. KHʻUOK also offers a pathway that produces students with the fundamental skills to analyze the structure of language, its place in the mind, and its role in society to then support language revitalization in general, multilingual education, and Indigenous languages.

KHʻUOK was established in 1998 as the world’s first college through the medium of Hawaiian emphasizing Hawaiian language, traditional Hawaiian culture, indigenous language and culture revitalization, linguistics and education in a Hawaiian language medium environment including Na Kula Mauli Ola, the P-12 laboratory school program.

Mandated by state law (Act 315) to “serve as a focal point for the State’s efforts to revitalize the Hawaiian language through teacher training, undergraduate and graduate study of Hawaiian, community outreach, research and testing, use of technology, national and international cooperation, and the development of liberal education in Hawaiian for future generations of Hawaiian speakers.”  KHʻUOK implements outreach to other indigenous peoples on a national and international basis, and is thus recognized as the leader in indigenous language revitalization in the United States and the North Pacific Basin.



Program Last Review Next Review Current Self Study External Review Assessment
Linguistics (B.A.)

2006-2007 Linguistics Self Study (remediation available upon request)

2007 External Reviewer Report for Linguistics (remediation available upon request)

2025-2026 2019 Self Study B. A. LING(PDF)  2019 External Review for LING(PDF) LING SLOs, Curriculum Matrix, and Rubrics

2019 Assessment Data B.A. Ling(PDF)

2013-present Core competencies Linguistics

Hawaiian Studies (B.A.) 2009-2010

2009 KHʻUOK Self-Study for the BA

2010 External Reviewer Report for BA Hawaiian Studies


2020-2021 2020-2021 Self Study B.A. Hawaiian Studies (PDF)^ 2021 ALO  Review for Hawaiian Language Self Study

2020-2021 Sallanbank, External Report 

Hawaiian SLOs, Curriculum Matrix, and Rubrics

2009 KHʻUOK Assessment Data

2013-present undergraduate core competency data for the BA

Hawaiian Language and Literature (M.A.) 2009-2010

2009  KHʻUOK Self Study for the M.A.(PDF)

2010 External Review for the M.A. Hawaiian Lang and Lit(PDF)



2020-2021  KHʻUOK Self Study for the M.A. (PDF)

2021 ALO  Review for Hawaiian Language Self Study MA Hawaiian SLOs, Curriculum Matrix, and Rubrics

2009 KHʻUOK Assessment Data for the MA Hawaiian Language and Literature

Indigenous Language and Culture Education (M.A.) 2013-2015

Provisional to Established 09/2013  (PDF)^

2018 Self-Study for the M.A. Kahuawaiola (PDF)

2018 Self-Study Appendices (PDF)



2020-2021 KHʻUOK Self Review Indigenous Language and Culture (PDF)

Indigenous Language SLOs, Curriculum Matrix, and Rubrics
Hawaiian and Indigenous Language and Culture (Ph.D.) 2015-2016

2008 External Review Report for the Ph.D.(PDF)

Provisional to Established 08/2015 (PDF)


2020-2021 KHʻUOK Self Study Hawaiian and Indigenous Lang and Culture (Ph.D.) (PDF)

PhD Hawaiian SLOs, Curriculum Matrix, and Rubrics

2008 Assessment Data (PDF)

2017-present graduate core Core Competency Data (please click on links for each year to see data for the Hawaiian & Indigenous Language & Culture Ph.D. in comparison to other programs)