College of Natural  and Health Science (CNHS)

What does a degree from UH Hilo/CNHS mean?

Achievement of a degree in a major from the College of Natural and Health Science (CNHS) demonstrates that a student has attained the knowledge and skills of the discipline to successfully pursue a related career or further education. Students are provided with opportunities that extend their classroom experience, including internships, research assistantships, as well as field, laboratory, clinical, and outreach experiences. Students are prepared for a diversity of careers and pursue science-related jobs throughout the state, region and nation.

Natural and Health Sciences are exciting disciplines at UH Hilo because of the small-class size, diverse student population, and community learning environment. Several natural science disciplines take advantage of the living laboratory of the terrestrial and marine environments of Hawai‘i Island with unparalleled diversity of field experiences. Health sciences emphasize the importance of rural health training and opportunities. CNHS faculty are dedicated to student learning and achievement in our science and mathematics disciplines.


Program Last Review Next Review Current Self Study External Review Assessment
Biology 2018-2019 2026-2027 2018 BIOL Self Study (PDF)^ BIOL SLOs, Curriculum Matrix, and Rubrics

2018 Biology Assessment Data (PDF)

Chemistry 2014-2015 2022-2023 2014 CHEM Self Study (PDF) 2014 CHEM External Review (PDF) CHEM SLOs, Curriculum Matrix, and Rubrics

2015 – 2016 CHEM Assessment Data (PDF)

Computer Science AY 2016-2017 Assessment 2024-2025 05/2017 CS Self Study (PDF) 2017 CS External Review (PDF) CS SLOs, Curriculum Matrix, and Rubrics

2017 CS Assessment Data (PDF)

CS Surveys 2016-2019

ETS 2016-2019 Results


Geology 2004-2005

2004 GEOL Self Study (PDF)

2006 GEOL Self Study (PDF)

2002 GEOL External Review (PDF)

2020-2021* GEOL SLOs, Curriculum Matrix, and Rubrics

2019-2020 GEOL Assessment Data (PDF)

Kinesiology and Exercise Science N/A 2024-2025
Marine Science 2015-2016 2023-2024 2015 MARE Self Study (PDF) MARE SLOs, Curriculum Matrix, and Rubrics

2015 MARE Assessment Data (PDF)

Mathematics 2012-2013

MathSelf Study (PDF)^

Math External Review (PDF)

2012 Math Assessment Data (PDF)^

2026-2027 2020-2021 Math Self Study (PDF)^ 2021 Math External Review (PDF)

2021 ALO Review Math Self Study

2021 Math Dean’s Review

 MATH SLOs, Curriculum Matrix, and Rubrics(PDF)


2021 MATH Assessment Data (PDF)

2013-present undergraduate core competency data for Mathematics

Physics & Astronomy 2016-2017 2024-2025  2017 PHYS Self Study (PDF)^ 2017 PHYS Review  External (PDF) PHYS SLOs, Curriculum Matrix, and Rubrics

2017 PHYS Assessment Data (PDF)

TCBES 2018-2019

2011 Self Study


2026-2027 2019 TCBES Self Study (PDF) 2019 TCBES  External Review (PDF) TCBES SLOs, Curriculum Matrix, and Rubrics

2018 Assessment Data (PDF)