Graduate Core competency

Core Competency  Assessment Indicators

Per the standards of accreditation set forth by the WASC Senior Commission of Universities and Schools,  “The institution’s graduate programs establish clearly stated objectives differentiated from and more advanced than undergraduate programs in terms of admissions, curricula, standards of performance, and student learning outcomes. Graduate programs foster students’ active engagement with the literature of the field and create a culture that promotes the importance of scholarship and/or professional practice. Ordinarily, a baccalaureate degree is required for admission to a graduate program” (CFR 2.2b).

The descriptors below are for key core competencies maintained at the post-baccalaureate level by the various graduate programs at UH Hilo.

Written Communication

Graduate students demonstrate the ability to construct a coherent and convincing argument in support of original insights into the content. Writing is well organized and appropriate for the intended audience which can include highly specialized language.

Written Communication Rubric (Graduate)

Quantitative Reasoning

Graduate students exhibit the ability to design a rational method of inquiry, and collect, analyze and interpret data.  Graduate students are able to use and justify the appropriate mathematical or statistical methods appropriate to addressing a topic of inquiry or issue in a primary field. Graduate students demonstrate the ability to reformulate and adapt principal ideas, techniques or methods at the forefront of the field.

Quantitative Reasoning Rubric (Graduate)

Information Literacy

Graduate students demonstrate the ability to use relevant, appropriate and credible sources. Graduate students are able to examine and adequately synthesize information. Graduate-level writing internalizes proper citation formatting in bibliographies and cited material, in line with discipline specific style guides.

Information Literacy Rubric (Graduate)

Oral Communication

Graduate students demonstrate the ability to use appropriate language and effective delivery techniques and processes. They have the ability to organize in a logical sequence, and structure the content of their message in a concise and engaging manner.

Oral Communication Rubric (Graduate)