Native Hawaiian Oyster Project

Funded by the Waterkeeper Alliance, the goal is to produce native oysters and transport into Kaneohe Bay and Pearl Harbor for restoration. Additionally, replenishing native oyster populations aid in water quality and clarity remediation.

System for raising native Hawaiian oysters
System for raising native Hawaiian oysters.
  1. Food Fish Production
  2. Marine Ornamental Fish Production
  3. Bivalve Hatchery
  4. Land-based Oyster Fattening System
  5. Native Hawaiian Oyster Project
  6. Ocean Acidification Epigenetic Project
  7. Live Feeds Production
  8. Algae Production
  9. Larval Rearing
  10. Limu (Seaweed) Project
  11. Learning Center
  12. 1/2 Million Gallon Tanks
  13. Laboratory
  14. Pump House
  15. Main Office
  16. Main Entrance