One of the goals of PSY 100 is for students to gain research experiences as participants in research studies conducted in the department. Each student in PSY 100 will be required to complete 3 research credits. Each credit will be equal to approximately 1 hour of participation time or less.

As an alternative to research participation, students may choose to review a journal article in the field of psychology and write a one-page summary. Each journal review and write-up is worth 1 credit. The 3-credit requirement may be met by some combination of study participation and journal write-up.

If a student does not complete 3 research credits by the end of the semester, the student will be given a mark of "Incomplete", regardless of the grade earned in the content of the course. The student can have the "Incomplete" grade replaced with the earned content grade by completing the research credits during the incomplete completion period in the subsequent semester.

Instructions to Students

Below is a list of research studies that are currently being conducted in the Department of Psychology. Once you have chosen the studies, please contact the researcher to schedule your appointments.

After you are finished with the research participation, the researcher will email the HSP Administrative Assistant your name and the number of research credits you earned. The Administrative Assistant will keep track of this record throughout the semester.

You will also be given a Research Credit Completion form upon completion of each study that you participate in. Please hold on to this form in case there is a discrepancy in the record kept by the HSP Administrative Assistant.


Article summaries and any questions regarding HSP credits should be directed to the administrative assistant at