Performing Arts Program


Ma ka hana, ka ʻike: by doing, one learns

Dance Program

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The dance program at UH Hilo provides students with unique and personalized experiences. Students may choose from a variety of hands-on dance courses including ballet, jazz, and modern dance in order to hone their skills through a well-balanced practice. Choreography and dance ensemble take the most dedicated students into a world of opportunities beyond the classroom.

Dancers practice at rehearsal Led by Kristi Kapahua and Annie Bunker , UH Hilo's dance program has allowed a multitude of students to continue on to the stage and studio after graduating.

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Drama Program

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Whether you choose to major, minor, earn a certificate, or simply take a class to "check it out," the UH Hilo drama program is filled with opportunities for those interested in working on or beyond the stage. Courses in acting, stage craft, directing, and playwriting prepare students with a wide range of skills.

Drama helps us understand ourselves and others. It increases our confidence and abilities in public speaking, planning, collaboration, accountability, problem-solving, focus, persistence, and empathy. Graduates of this program successfully take their skills into many diverse professions!

A dramatic performance of The Dragon Slayer

Recommended introductory level DRAMA courses

  • DRAM 101 Introduction to Theatre (3)
  • DRAM 280 Basic Stagecraft (3)
  • DRAM 221 Beginning Acting I (3)

Why Study Acting? (Even if you're not a major!)

Hawaiʻi Creole English and Hawaiian Language On Stage

Music Program

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Students interested in the music program at UH Hilo can choose from a wide variety of courses specially devised to provide graduates with a variety of real world opportunities. With courses such as Music in World Cultures and Intro to Music Literature, students will be taken on a global journey of sound. Music feeds the soul.

Rehearsal Room Reservations

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A concert performance

Instructors Amy Horst , Glenn Silva and Trever Veilleux work one-on-one with students in order to guide prospective musicians into a successful future.