Classification of Students

The following classifications are used to describe persons attending classes:

Full-time or Part-time Students

Students may register either part-time or full-time. Undergraduate students are full-time if they register for 12 or more semester hours during a Fall or Spring semester, and part-time if they register for fewer than 12 semester hours. Graduate or professional (Pharmacy) students are considered full-time if registered for 6 or more semester hours. In Summer, undergraduate students are full-time if they register for 6 or more semester hours and graduate or professional students are considered full-time if they are registered for 3 or more semester hours.

Fall & Spring Classification Description
Undergraduate Full-time 12
Undergraduate Three-quarter time 9
Undergraduate Half-time 6
Graduate Full-time 6
Graduate Three-quarter time 4-5
Graduate Half-time 3
Summer Classification Description
Undergraduate Full-time 6
Undergraduate Three-quarter time 4-5
Undergraduate Half-time 3
Graduate Full-time 3
Graduate Three-quarter time N/A
Graduate Half-time 2

Classified Students

Classified students are those who have been admitted through the formal selection process and are candidates for a degree or certificate.

Unclassified Students

All students who are not candidates for a degree or certificate or who have not been admitted through the formal selection process are termed “unclassified students.” Unclassified students do not qualify for financial aid and pay by the credit hour. Unclassified students who wish to have classified status must apply for admission as a classified student.

Class Standing

Students gain academic standing as follows:

Standing Description
Freshmen 0-29.99 credits successfully completed 1
Sophomores 30-59.99 credits successfully completed 1
Juniors 60–89.99 credits successfully completed 1
Seniors 90 or more credits successfully completed 1
Master’s students Graduate students
Doctoral students Graduate students
PharmD students Professional students

1 Updated Fall 2015.


Auditors are persons who are permitted to attend classes with the instructor’s consent (audit) and who have paid tuition for this privilege. The extent of their classroom participation is determined by the instructor. No credit is given for a course which is audited. Auditors must wait until the first day of instruction to register, on a space available basis, and must submit the “Auditor’s Form” provided by the Office of the Registrar or online at Office of the Registrar forms. Auditors must present the form in person to the Registrar’s office for manual processing. The form must be submitted by the Last Day to Submit Auditors Form deadline on the Academic Calendar.