Attendance & Satisfactory Progress


Regular on-time attendance in class and laboratory sessions is expected of all students in the University. Unavoidable absences should be explained to the instructor involved. If a student finds it necessary to take a leave of absence during a semester, he or she should discuss this with each instructor and arrange to make up course requirements.

Participation Verification

Students are expected to attend and participate in the courses for which they are registered. The University of Hawai’i is required, by federal regulation, to verify the participation of students in their classes. According to Executive Policy 7.209, students who fail to establish attendance by the late registration period will be administratively dropped from their class. Students may also be dropped from other classes that are dependent on the class where they failed to establish attendance (i.e. co-requisite or future class where the dropped class meets the prerequisite requirement).

Missed Class Time Policy

Students are expected to attend all regularly scheduled classes for the courses in which they are enrolled. UH Hilo recognizes that a student may have to miss class(es) because of participation in official university events such as university-sponsored or –sanctioned events and activities, including, but not limited to, intercollegiate athletics, mandatory religious obligations, conferences, field trips, jury duty or military service. Students should not be penalized for participating in these activities.

Individual instructors or course supervisors determine class attendance policy. This policy should be clearly stated in the class syllabus; students should read this policy carefully and should plan on complying with it. If an issue arises, UH Hilo first uses the stated policy within the syllabus to help adjudicate a problem.

When a student intends to miss a class because of participation in a university sanctioned event, it is the student's responsibility to present, at the earliest possible date, documentation of the required absence to each instructor whose class is to be missed. Documentation may include a memo from the instructor, coach, or person in authority requiring the absence.

Students are responsible for material covered in class during the absence. Instructors will make an effort to work with the student to determine what adjustments can be made, and what the adjustments will be, to fulfill academic obligations and learning goals. Faculty members, and departments/programs, retain the authority and right to determine whether appropriate and responsible adjustments can be made for missed classes, activities, and examinations.

The missed class policy can be viewed online.

Satisfactory Academic Progress

Satisfactory academic progress is defined by the University of Hawaiʻi at Hilo as maintaining an undergraduate or post-baccalaureate UH Hilo cumulative GPA of at least 2.0 or a graduate UH Hilo cumulative GPA of at least a 3.0.