BOSP Members

We are currently recruiting for all vacant positions below, but we encourage you to apply for one of the open positions on our programs. Please check out our Publications page for more information and applications.

2022-2023 Membership

Board Members

Position Member Email
Chairperson Kit Neikirk
Vice-Chairperson Vacant
Treasurer Vacant
Secretary Vacant

Non-Voting Board Members

Position Member Email
Publicist Vacant
CSO Advisor Lai Sha Bugado
CSO Advisor Ramona Lefcourt

Ex-Officio Members

Position Member Email
Hohonu Interim Editor-in-Chief Emma Labrada
Hohonu Interim Editor-in-Chief Harris Ubedei
Kanilehua Editor-in-Chief Taylor Uʻi Barongan
Ke Kalahea Editor-in-Chief Lichen Forster

Publication Advisors

Position Member
Hohonu Faculty Advisor Kirsten Mollegaard
Hohonu Staff Advisor Lai Sha Bugado
Kanilehua Faculty Advisor Jonathon “Jon” Goebel
Kanilehua Staff Advisor Lai Sha Bugado
Ke Kalahea Advisor Tiffany Edwards Hunt