CSAV Staff

Administration and Technical Support

Cooperative Volcano Monitoring Staff

Two women work at a lab tablePaige Johnson (left), student worker, preps samples in the lab, analyzing data; Baylee McDade (right), her predeccesor, provides assistance.

A woman poses in front of Kilauea.Maddie Hawk is refining the extensive 2018 catalogue of earthquakes at Kilauea; she also works in eruption monitoring during periods of heightened unrest.

A scientist checks a field instrument.Christine Sealing assists the gas geochemistry team, with R&M plus data collection.

Liliana Desmither wears a mask while sorting through rock samples at a lab tableLiliana Desmither works in the tephra lab, sorting through samples collected at the eruption site.

Miki Warren stands next to a canoe paddle at the beachMiki Warren is helping HVO with collecting data on gas emissions from Kilauea.

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