Meghann Decker


Born in rural Massachusetts, I was drawn to the field of geology and the unique opportunities it offers to understand the earth's processes. This led me to attend the University of Hawaii at Hilo, where I earned a Bachelor of Science in Geology and had the chance to study the eruptions of Kilauea.

Furthering my education, I received a Master of Science in Geology from California State University, Northridge, focusing on arc magmatism in Fiordland, New Zealand.

I now teach geology at Hawaii Community College and share my love of earth sciences with students. In addition, I work with the Center for the Study of Active Volcanoes (CSAV) on natural hazard outreach and education initiatives and assist in coordinating the CSAV International Training Course Summer program.

Outreach Projects

A woman chats with students at a table with rock samples.At a Career Fair, Meghann encourages high school students to take Geology classes at UH.

A woman pulls a brick attached to a bungee cord.Students at E.B. DeSilva Elementary watch an earthquake demonstration by Meghann.

A woman speaks into a microphone near a computer projector.At Waikoloa Elementary cafeteria, Meghann presents a PPT about plate tectonics to 4th graders.

Master's Degree, Research in New Zealand

A woman stands on a rock formation, with a glacier in the background.Meghann's research project was in Fiordland, New Zealand, with a focus on arc magmatism.

A woman wears a raincoat and mosquito netting.Access to remote sites was via small boat, and the insects were happy to greet Meghann.

A woman sits on a round boulder on the beach.Meghann rests on a weathered boulder at Moeraki, near her research site.

Experience with Volcanoes in Hawaii

A woman smiles near a lava flow at night.Flowing lava in the Kalapana area allowed UH Hilo Geology majors, including Meghann, the chance to see active breakouts.

A woman hikes on a trail on a barren landscape.An avid hiker, Meghann enjoys the Mauna Loa trail which has volcanic features including cinder cones, aa, and pahoehoe.

A woman sits on a rock formation near the ocean, as lava flows down a cliff in the background.Meghann and the other UH Hilo Geology students watched the lava flowing into the ocean near Kalapana, from a safe distance.

A woman in a hardhat and safety vests points to a fountaining eruption.During the 2018 Kilauea eruption, Meghann assisted UH Hilo Professor Steve Lundblad in precise leveling along Kilauea's East Rift Zone.