Disability Access Statement

UH Hilo recognizes its obligation to provide overall program accessibility for persons with disabilities.

Publications such as the course registration schedule, department course bulletins, event flyers, program brochures, newsletters, course syllabi, instructional materials and examinations must be provided in alternative formats upon request. Examples of alternate formats are large print, tape, electronic media, Braille and live reading.

Include the following on the publications:

Available in alternate format upon request. Contact [phone number] (V), (808) 932-7002 (TTY), [email] for assistance. (Include phone contact unless notes elsewhere in the publications)

For conference and other events, designate a staff member to handle requests for reasonable accommodation to ensure full access for persons with disabilities.

Include the following announcement in registration forms, brochures, fliers, or invitations:

For disability accommodation, contact [name] at [phone] (V), (808) 932-7002 (TTY), [email] by [date]. (Note: date should be 10 working days prior to event.)