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Drug Pronunciations Lite
Accurate pronunciation of over 200 drugs including both generic and trade name

2,800 drug monographs. Each monograph includes information on pricing, adverse reactions, contraindications, pharmacokinetics as well as related drug monograph topics. The auto-update function provides information on new drugs, new indications, and recalls. Available as a free download and for purchase; purchased version has more features.

Recalls, Market Withdrawals, & Safety Alerts
Access to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) recall database.

John Hopkins Antibiotic Guide The Johns Hopkins POC-IT (Point of Care Information Technology) Antibiotic (ABX) Guide is a handheld-ready adaptation of the online ABX Guide. It is optimized for use at the point of care for Palm OS devices.

PEPID : An iTunes download, PEPID aids in the identification and management of toxicology emergencies including drugs of abuse, inhaled gases, heavy metals and caustics, occupational poisoning, household and cleaning agents, pesticides, and medication overdoses.

Medscape Medical information and educational tools arranged by medical specialty. Registration is free. Provides original content, including review articles, journal commentary, expert columns, patient education articles, coverage of major medical conferences, etc.

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Numerous apps and other resources are available through Apple's iTunes store . Many are very reasonably priced.

You'll find such resources as nursing guides, NCLEX-RN study materials, drug guides, etc.

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