Degree and Certificate Programs

The School of Education offers two masters-level degree programs and one undergraduate certification. They are the Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT), the Master of Education (M.Ed.), and the Academic Certificate in Educational Studies (ACES). For more information, contact the School of Education at (808) 932-7102 or via email at

Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT)

Mosaic puzzle image The Master of Arts in Teaching program aims to prepare students to become teachers who can create supportive environments based on their knowledge of learner development and learning differences; demonstrate subject matter knowledge and apply this knowledge to engage students in learning content; plan instruction that supports student learning through the use of multiple instructional and assessment strategies including technology; and demonstrate professional attributes, engage in critical reflection and collaborate to ensure learner growth. After the first year in the MAT program (three semesters), students can apply for teacher licensure with the Hawaiʻi Teacher Standards Board. The second year (two semesters) completes the Master of Arts in Teaching degree.

Master of Education (M.Ed.)

The Master of Education degree is a 30 semester-hour program designed to foster professional growth and renewal of practicing educators and licensed teachers. It is a cohort-based program that requires two years of part time coursework and research to complete. Courses are offered through a primarily distance-based learning format. While the teaching force on Hawaiʻi Island is a natural target population, the M.Ed. is designed for licensed teachers throughout the state and in select areas of the Pacific Rim. The program promotes teacher leaders who will engage in school renewal and reform through curriculum development, school decision-making, and community outreach.

The M.Ed. is a generalist degree designed to address the unique professional development needs of Hawaiʻi Island teachers who choose neither to relocate nor to enroll in a specialized degree program. It is designed to be broadly useful and is therefore interdisciplinary. The curriculum focuses on philosophical, psychological, and curriculum foundations and emphasizes research and teaching tools, which include technology, assessment, research methodology, and advanced instructional strategies to facilitate instructional school-based leadership among program graduates.

Academic Certificate in Educational Studies (ACES)

The Academic Certificate in Educational Studies is an undergraduate program intended to provide students with a basic understanding of the methodologies, theories, tools, and issues that shape the field of education. Students who graduate with a certificate in Educational Studies will be prepared for a variety of education-related positions, such as coaches and educational assistants, but will not eligible for a teaching license.