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MAT Cohort 1
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MAT Cohort 2
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Faculty and Staff

Diane Barrett

Chair & Professor, Education

Contact: Tel: (808) 932-7103, Email

Courses: Foundations of Education, Math for Elementary School Teachers, Elementary Mathematics and Science Pedagogy, Teacher as Researcher.
Research: Mathematics education (math anxiety, pedagogical content knowledge, place-based learning), lesson study, and curriculum development in mathematics.

Michele M. Ebersole

Professor, Education

Contact: Tel: (808) 932-7108, Email

Courses: Literacy Development in the Elementary School, Education of Ethnic Groups in Hawaiʻi, Elementary Instructional Practice, Elementary Language Arts and Social Studies Pedagogy, Professional Practice.
Research: Culturally responsive literacy practices for pre-service teachers and literacy practices for pre-service and in-service teachers.

Colby McNaughton

Instructor, Education

Contact: Tel: (808) 932-7110, Email

Courses: Introduction to Teaching, Integrated Science and Social Studies for Elementary Teachers, Professional Responsibility, Field Experience.
Research: Teacher recruitment, innovative approaches to teaching/communicating science, and community-based marine resource management through educational awareness.

Janet “Jan” Ray

Professor, Education

Contact: Tel: (808) 932-7105, Email

Courses: Technology in Education, Learning Differences, Developmental Concepts of Learning, School Curriculum.
Research: Current issues in education, distance learning, educational technology, teaching effectiveness, school learning gardens, and professional development.

Tobias Irish

Assistant Professor, Education

Contact: Tel: (808) 932-7106, Email

Courses: ED 210, ED 654, ED 656 and ED 657.
Research: Scientific literacy, data literacy, equity issues in education, inquiry-based instructional models, and teacher education.

Madeline Sehna

Office Assistant

Contact: Tel: (808) 932-7102, Email

Faculty and Staff of the School of Education
Faculty and Staff of the School of Education