2019 Gallery

The 2019 International Course: Best group ever!

International Training Program: Hawaiʻi Section

2019 CSAV International Course group photo.  Named individuals: Kevin Cueva - Peru, Jose Torres - Peru, Roberto Merida - Guatemala, Jerome De Lima - Philippines, Francisco Mejia - Ecuador, Kathy Vargas - Peru, Marjorie Encalada - Ecuador, Victoria Craig - Argentina, Maria Contreras - Chile, Mirian Villalobos - El Salvador, Con Barairo - PhilippinesParticipants in 2019 are from Guatemala, El Salvador, Ecuador, Chile, Peru, Argentina, and the Philippines.

Computer LabThe International scientists learn about Lahars in the Spatial Data Analysis and Visualization Lab.

ClassroomStephanie Prejean and Jay Wellik teach the group about seismology, in the SDAV Lab.

Pohoiki beachThe group examines a cross-section of an old aa flow, which is now easy to reach, since tephra from the 2018 eruption has created a beach at Pohoiki where the ocean used to be.

SurfingThe International scientists take a break from class work to learn surfing.

SurfingHonolii Beach is a great place to enjoy the surf, after a long day in the lab.

SurfingThe International scientists caught some nice surfing waves after class.

CaveThe International scientists walked through Kaumana Cave to see features from the 1880 eruption.

Group near old lava flowAfter learning how drones are used to photograph landforms, the group rests near a tree mold, with Angie Diefenbach.

Scientists look at sieves on tephraNicole Lautze demonstrates how tephra from the 1959 Kilauea Iki eruption has a range of sizes.

Scientists pose on Mauna UluThe group enjoys a spectacular view from the top of Mauna Ulu, which formed from 1969 - 1974.

Scientists prepare equipmentVictoria Craig learns how to set up equipment for gas monitoring.

Scientists sample gas at Sulphur BanksTamar Elias explains how to collect gas data at Sulphur Banks.

Chalk art on the pavementThe Peru scientists made a beautiful chalk drawing of their volcanoes.

Scientists set up instruments in the fieldMike Lisowski coaches the students on setting up Kinematic GPS.

Hapuna beach and oceanOne of the favorite spots to visit on days off was spectacular Hapuna Beach.

Green sandAt Green Sand Beach, the scientists saw olivine-rich sand, which had been sorted by wave action.

Mount St. Helens and the USGS Cascades Volcano Observatory Section

Scientists on a trailAt Mount St. Helens, everyone enjoyed hiking to look at volcanic features.

A campfire at nightAfter a long day in the field, the scientists relax outside the tents, around a campfire.

Scientist in front of a glacierMirian Villalobos rests in front of the rock-covered glacier which has encircled the dome of Mount St. Helens.

A scientist examines pumiceTephra deposits on the Pumice Plain below Mount St. Helens tower over the scientists.

Green sandBack at CVO, the group learns about communication and public outreach from Liz Westby.