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2016 Gallery

International Training Program

The 2016 International Course was a tremendous success!

2016 Group
Participants this year came from Korea, Chile, Indonesia, Costa Rica, Peru, Nicaragua, Philippines, and China.
Orientation Day
For the first day of class, David Carvalho serenaded the group with songs about volcanoes, and we practiced “Drop, Cover & Hold!”
Participants learned about Public Outreach: Left, Armen Putra (Indonesia) makes a model volcano erupt. Right: Hu Yaxuan (China), Sergio Morales (Chile), and Rosa Anccasi (Peru) examine minerals. Center: Carlos Viquez used graphite to sign our Autograph Book.
The International participants hiked out to the lava flow on the 4th of July. At left, Rigoberto Aguilar collects a sample; at right, Rosa Anccasi records a waypoint for USGS-HVO at the terminus of the flow; lower right, the USA flag enjoys Hawaiian fireworks.
Group pose
The group posed for a photograph at the terminus of the flow front.