2014 Gallery

International Training Program: Hawaii Section

The 2014 International Course was fantastic, with 16 participants!

International Group

Scientists visit Civil DefenseThe 2014 CSAV scientists visit Civil Defense headquarters.

Scientists chatScientists from Saudi Arabia and Italy chat.

Scientists outside apartmentsThe group outside apartment housing in Hilo.

Van parked along roadsideA 15-passenger van was used for field trips.

Scientists in labChristian and Mari-Andylene work in the SDAV Lab.

Scientist at computerAntonio uses a mapping program.

Scientists in the fieldThe group learns remote sensing in the Kau desert.

Scientists hikeAntonio hikes down the trail to Kilauea Iki.

Scientists collect dataOscar and Jennifer set up a GPS receiver.

Lava flows of different agesThis area of Mauna Loa is ideal for learning to map old lava flows of different ages.

Scientists discuss tephraDon Swanson passes around a sample of pumice.

Nicole shows tephraNicole Lautze points to layers of Kilauea Iki tephra.

Lava lake glowingAt dusk, glow from the lava lake in Halemaumau is reflected in the plume.

KayakingJeong-hyun kayaks.

Scientist swimsSuparjan enjoys the ocean.

Food on a tableThe group shares favorite foods.

International Training Program: CVO Section

Scientists play soccerThe 2014 CSAV scientists play soccer after working with Cascades Volcano Observatory.

HandstandChristian does a handstand, with Mount Hood as a backdrop.

Cynthia Gardiner describes hazards from Mount HoodCynthia Gardiner describes hazards from Mount Hood.

Scientists slide in the snowPeter Kelly and Suparjan slide in the snow on Mount Hood.

Scientists install solar panelMikhail and Marcellin install a solar panel.

Scientist hook up cablesCarlos and Jennifer prepare wiring.

Scientists dress in warm clothesThe 2014 CSAV scientists borrow warm clothes for Mount St. Helens, from Cascades Volcano Observatory.

Scientist near a section of ashMarcellin makes a stratigraphic section.

Scientist with pumiceGeoffroy juggles pumice from Mount St. Helens.

Scientists examine a section of ashHeather Wright shows the CSAV group how to describe and measure tephra.

Scientist climbs over rocksJati climbs the steep trail to the summit of Mount St. Helens.

Scientists discuss eruptionBack at CVO, the group learns about event trees.

Scientist discuss eruptionThe group analyzes whether or not the volcano is likely to erupt.