2013 Gallery

International Training Program: Hawaiʻi Section

Participant Group - 2013The 2013 International Course was a stunning success, with 11 participants.

Syagi Kunrat poses by a metal sign buried by lavaSyegi Kunrat of Indonesia poses with a metal sign buried by a lava flow in Kalapana.

Closeup of pahoehoe lavaA river of pahoehoe heads towards the sea.

Pahoehoe lavaA toe forms at the end of a pahoehoe flow.

A scientist samples lavaMikhail Herry of Papua New Guinea tests the viscosity of lava.

Scientists in front of a ventBernardo and Roberto at Kilauea.

Scientists have lunchSyegi and Mikhail enjoy a lunch break in the field.

Mount St. Helens and the USGS Cascades Volcano Observatory Section

Scientists at USGS signThe group is ready to learn at USGS CVO.

Scientist with treesPablo Masias with trees downed by the 1980 blast.

Wildflowers at Mount St HelensWildflowers bloom on the trail to Mount St. Helens.

Scientist with ashLarry Mastin exposes a cross section of deposits.

Ruler measures ash thicknessA ruler shows thickness of ash deposits.

Scientist with microscopeJohn Pallister uses a field microscope.

Scientist with large rockCelina Kattan provides scale for a breadcrust bomb.

Scientists at Mount St. HelensHeather Wright shows how to make a rough geologic map of flow deposits from Mount St. Helens.

Scientists at USGSThe group prepares solar panels and a telemetry station.

Scientists at machine shopAndy Lockhart discusses telemetry with Syegi Kunrat.