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2005 Gallery

International Training Program

This summer, the CSAV International Training program was attended by nine scientists, from six countries:

  • Giuseppe Salerno and Letizia Spampinato from Italy;
  • Benancio Henriquez and Fabio Alvarado from El Salvador;
  • Edu Taipe and Patricia Marisol from Peru;
  • Milena Berrocal from Costa Rica;
  • Jose Palma from Chile;
  • Juan Carlos Gavilanes from Mexico
photo of CSAV 2005 participants
CSAV International 2005. Standing, L-R: George Kojima, instructor; Benancio; Bob Koyanagi, instructor; Fabio; Juan Carlos; Letizia; Giuseppe. Seated, L-R: Jose; Edu; Patricia; Milena.
photo of Edu and Letizia in Kilauea Iki
Edu Taipe and Letizia Spampinato adjust the seismic antenna in Kilauea Iki.
photo of scientists with gas masks
The group collects gas samples near Halemaumau.
photo of Dave Whilldin and broadband seismic station
David Whilldin demonstrates the installation of broadband seismometer on Mauna Loa.
photo of lava flow
The group hiked out with Scott Rowland and found active lava breakouts in late June.