2004 Gallery

International Training Program

This summer, the CSAV International Training program was attended by nine scientists, from six countries: Graham Ryan and Carlisle "Pyiko" Williams from Montserrat Volcano Observatory; Dolors Ferres from El Salvador; Guisela Carmen Talavera, Guido Salas, and Victor Aguilar from Peru; Syahrazad "Jack" Dahlan from Indonesia; Kila Mulina from Papua New Guinea; and Jorge Brenes from Costa Rica.

Written comments we received:

"An amazing experience."

"Fantastic. I gained a lot of relevant knowledge about volcanoes and volcano monitoring."

"Thanks for making CSAV happen. It is an extremely worthwhile endeavor and I really appreciate all the effort that must go on to make a program such as this exist. Everyone who has been involved has 'blown me away' with their generosity and enthusiasm to pass on vital knowledge to areas around the world."

"Most importantly, it was an opportunity to interact with volcanologists of other countries and to appreciate the similar problems that we have in our respective countries."

photo of Graham measuring temperature of hot lavaGraham Ryan measures temperature.

photo of lava entering seaSpectacular lava enters the ocean.

photo of lava exploding as it contacts ocean waterHot lava meets cold seawater.

photo of Jorge, Dolors, and KilaJorge Brenes (left), Dolors Ferres, and Kila Mulina enjoy hiking across recent lava.

photo of scientists by lavaThe group studies gas downrift of Puu Oo.

photo of Carmen with tribrachCarmen sets the tribrach on the tripod.

photo of Pyiko with surveying instrumentPyiko sets the NAK-2 on the tribrach.

photo of Jack surveyingJack surveys near HVO.

photo of Pyiko and model of volcanoPyiko observes a “baking soda and vinegar” volcano. This model is used to teach schoolchildren about lava hazards.

photo of Graham and model of rift zoneGraham pours molasses over a map showing Kilauea's rift zone to illustrate the effect of topography on a viscous fluid.

photo of scientists visiting Civil DefenseThe group visits Civil Defense headquarters.

photo of Jorge and paper seismic recordJorge measures earthquakes.

photo of scientists learning hulaThe scientists enjoy an impromptu hula lesson from schoolchildren.