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2000 Gallery

International Training Program

For 2000, we had 6 participants, from Mexico, Peru, Indonesia, and Marianas Islands.

Tom Crisostomo and Joseph Kaipat (Marianas Islands) prepare the solar panel for a seismic telemetry station.
DAP and Isa
CSAV instructor David Phillips adjusts a NAK-2 leveling gun while Isa Nurnusanto (Indonesia) levels a tribrach.
Luchy Perez (Mexico) takes a reading with the NAK-2 leveling gun near Mauna Ulu.
Vincentina Pauccara (Peru) adjusts the tribrach before taking a measurement.
On the lawn of UH Hilo, Tom Crisostomo (Marianas) practices surveying.
LVolcanic gas sample
The CSAV International group learns how to collect a volcanic gas sample.