1999 Gallery

International Training Program

For 1999, we had 7 participants, from Indonesia, Nicaragua, Italy, Ecuador, Philippines, and El Salvador.

Two men handling an AntennaGeorge Kojima helps Zaennudin (Indonesia) set up a telemetry station for seismic equipment.

Angus works on a PS-2 drumAgus Sampurno (Indonesia) prepares a PS-2 drum as Edgardo Villacorte (Philippines) looks on.

Two men look at field equipmentWilson Enriquez (Ecuador) and Zaennudin (Indonesia) discuss data collection methods.

A man sits at a deskDemetrio Escobar (El Salvador) visits an observatory on Mauna Kea.

A man views a tribrachEdgardo Villacorte (Philippines) checks that a tribrach is perfectly level.

A woman smiles while hiking Kilauea IkiKristen Garofalo (Italy) observei setting up a temporary seismic station in Kilauea Iki.

A woman measures a tribrachVirginia Tenorio (Nicaragua) measures the height of a GPS unit on a tribrach.