1996 Gallery

International Training Program

For 1996, we had 7 participants, from the Philippines, Costa Rica, Marianas Islands, Vanuatu, Solomon Islands, and Italy.

Joe KaipatJoe Kaipat (Marianas) prepares a battery for GPS near Mauna Ulu.

SepeVincento Sepe (Italy) collects data from a GPS antenna.

GelidoWencelito Gelido (Philippines) surveys on the lawn of UH Hilo using a NAK-2 leveling gun.

CharleyDouglas Charley (Vanuatu) holds an Invar rod on the lawn of UH Hilo as he prepares the stays.

SurveyingDavid A. Phillips writes down information while Enrique Rodriguez (Costa Rica) observes.

Luther NAK2Orlando Guardecasa (Philippines) checks the antenna of a GPS unit near South Point.

PapabatuAlison Papabatu (Solomon Islands) helps to set up a GPS receiver on the UH Hilo lawn.