1991 Gallery

International Training Program

It's our second year! 1991 brought us 8 participants, from Italy, Mexico, Canary Islands, Cape Verde, and Indonesia.

Group in Kilauea IkiThe CSAV 1991 participants pose for a photo with instructor George Kojima (retired USGS HVO) after setting up a seismic station.

Bus at KalapanaChristina Heliker (USGS HVO) shows the CSAV group an abandoned school bus that was surrounded by lava flows in Kalapana.

TelemetryIn Kilauea Iki, the group sets up the antenna for a temporary telemetry station.

Jack SablanJose Losada collects a sample of molten lava using a rock hammer.

Field notesScott Rowland coaches Zinzuni Jurado Chichay in taking field notes.

Yamashita NAK2Ken Yamashita instructs CSAV students in use of the NAK-2 gun for a survey in Kau.