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Student Voices

Current Students

Aprille Rose Cariaga

Aprille Rose Cariaga

“Initially it was a goal of mine to pursue a degree in Business. English was always something I was interested in but it never dawned on me to become an English major. I switched two years ago and I really found something that I love. With my goal to become a lawyer, I know that English will help me hone the craft of writing to get to where I want to go.”

Asia Howe

Asia Howe

“The English major, ALEX student reporter internship, and student-run academic journal Hohonu have provided me with terrific outlets for the adoration of reading and writing I have harbored since elementary school. These programs have shown me just how influential and valuable my interests are and have drastically broadened my horizons. I am doing what we all have been told to do at one time or another ---what I love.”

Hau'oli Viritua

Hauʻoli Viritua

“Growing up in Hawaiʻi, there's always been a push and pull of both Hawaiian and the English language. I found myself being pulled to English and at some point I just knew that I had to pursue this because of how it called to me.”

Jannah Pante

"A lot of people will tell you, often with a pitying or confused look, "The only thing you can do with an English degree is teach." That is certainly an option. I'm even teaching an SAT prep class at the moment, which is simultaneously frustrating and fulfilling) but it's not the only option.

What people don't realize is that majoring in English isn't all about analyzing vague archaic texts, though that certainly has its own merit—it's also about learning how to communicate effectively. And in a world so reliant on written communication, having the experience of an English major does give you an edge (no matter what the science majors might say). Where would we be, after all, without the ability to not only write, but also write well? Without the ability to thoroughly comprehend what we read? This is what the English degree brings to the table, and the UH Hilo English department in particular makes the journey immensely rewarding."

Kylee Sullivan

"While I study many things as an English Major, I've found that my favorite things to study are mythology, folklore, and fairytales - although I do admit that studying graphic novels and comic books does come a very close second.

I intend to pursue a M.A. in Teaching program and hope to become a high school English teacher.

I have been published in both Kanilehua and Hohonu, and presented a paper that I co-wrote with Dr. Kirsten Mollegaard at the International Journal of Arts and Sciences conference in London, England.


Picture of Micah Akau

Micah Akau

“There is a misinterpretation when it comes to being called an English major. People often believe that the English major coincides with wanting to teach English in academia. My reason for becoming an English major stems from the chaos of words. The lexicon of the English language expands through tens of thousands of words. There are many different ways to describe beauty and I want to discover them all.”

Michael Lovell

Michael Lovell graduated UH Hilo with a BA in Performing Arts, Minors in both Japanese and English, and a TESOL certificate. Michael is currently pursuing an M.A in Learning Design and Technology from the University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa.

Picture of Jessica Akiona

Jessica Akiona

“My love for the English language started from when I was a kid. It grew until it could no longer contain itself and that's when I knew that I needed to become an English major. Working as a writing tutor, I was able to hone my craft as a writer and it helped me appreciate the nuances that words represent.”

Image of Everett McKee

Everett McKee

Through the English Club, ALEX internship, and the great staff in the English department I learned that life is truly what you make it. Through all the papers, the research, and presentations, the entire point is so that as an individual I can make the call based on my own knowledge on what I believe is right and wrong. As a wise man once said,

"to achieve this higher state of mind, the modern scholar must reject old ideas and think for him or herself, to become Man Thinking rather than a mere thinker, or still worse, the parrot of other men's thinking.
-Ralph Waldo Emerson

Andrea Stroescu

Andrea Stroescu

“Since I am interested in teaching elementary education, the English major has helped prepare me on how to use literature to its full capacity. The two main things these classes have shown me is how novels and stories from hundreds of years ago are still relevant in our current society and how they can help shape who we become. These two important factors remind me that it is important to give students the opportunity to discover these things and grow up remembering the values or ideas they read in a book.”