Creative Writing Certificate Program

Creative Writing Certificate


The mission of the Creative Writing Certificate program is to give students a solid foundation in creative writing forms, techniques, and professional opportunities. Students will have the opportunity to interact with published writers and to experience the power of Hawai'i as a place, gaining inspiration from its rich culture and environment. Students who successfully complete the certificate program will be able to showcase the creativity and fluent writing skills increasingly valued and sought by employers in fields as diverse as teaching and technology.

Student Learning Outcomes

Students who successfully complete the certificate program will be able to:

  • Select, revise and polish a collection of creative work in one or several genres: short stories, poetry, plays, or narrative non-fiction (biography, memoir, personal essays).
  • Review other student-writers’ work and give detailed, meaningful feedback.
  • Plan and carry out a short creative writing teaching practicum.
  • Prepare and deliver a public reading of creative work.
  • Collaborate to edit, design, and publish a class literary journal.
  • Research appropriate publications and submit creative work.


Total Requirement (18 credits)

Core (6 Credits)

  • ENG 286A Intro to Fiction Writing (3)
  • ENG 324 Modern English Grammar & Usage (3)
  • Electives (9 Credits)
  • ENG 318 Playwriting (3)
  • ENG 431 Fiction Writing (3)
  • ENG 432 Non-Fiction Writing (3)
  • ENG 433 Poetry Writing (3)
  • ENG 436 Flash Fiction Writing (3)
  • Other upper division creative writing courses as they are offered.

For courses repeatable for credit, all credits earned may count toward the 9-credit requirement.

Capstone (3 Credits)

ENG 434 Portfolio Seminar (3)


Students must earn a grade of "C" or higher in all courses required for the certificate.

Advice from authors

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