General Education Core: Foundation Requirements (All Majors)

Courses are certified for a period of five years to meet specific categories of the General Education requirements and the Integrative requirements for a Bachelor's degree. Courses and the effective year each was certified to meet either a General Education or Integrative requirement are listed below by course alpha, number, title and effective year. For further information, see the Catalog Choice and Retroactivity (PDF) policy.

  1. Courses which meet both major requirements and General Education Core or Integrative requirements may be simultaneously counted for both. (Courses are not excluded from meeting the UH Hilo General Education requirements solely because they also may be required for a major.)

1. Written Communication (FW) (3 semester hours)

Written Communication courses introduce students to the rhetorical, conceptual, and stylistic demands of writing at the college level; courses give instruction in composing processes, search strategies, and composing from sources. Courses also provide students with experiences in the library and on the internet and enhance their skills in accessing and using various types of primary and secondary materials.

This requirement is met by taking one of the following courses. These courses are also listed on the FW: Written Communication website.

Select one:

  • ENG 100 Composition I (3) (effective Fall 2018)
  • ENG 100T Composition with Tutorial (3) (effective Fall 2018)
  • ESL 100 Composition/Nonnative Speakers (3) (effective Fall 2018)
  • ESL 100T Composition/Non-nativeTutorial (3) (effective Fall 2018)

It is recommended that students complete the English composition requirement within their first 24 semester hours at UH Hilo.

Entering students who do not posses an SAT or ACT essay score, transfer students who have not transferred a course equivalent to English 100, and all students who are non-native speakers of English must take the UH Hilo Writing Placement Examination. This will determine into which English course you are placed.

2. Quantitative Reasoning (FQ) (3 semester hours)

Quantitative Reasoning courses develop mathematical reasoning skills at the college level. Students apply mathematical concepts to the interpretation and analysis of quantifiable information in order to solve a wide range of problems arising in pure and applied research in specific disciplines, professional settings, and/or daily life.

These courses are also listed on the FQ: Quantitative Reasoning website.

Select one:

  • MATH 100 Survey Of Math (3) (effective Fall 2018)
  • MATH 115 Intro to Stats and Prob (3) (Formerly offered as MATH 121 prior to Fall 2019) (effective Fall 2018)
  • MATH 125 Applied Calculus (3) (effective Fall 2018)
  • MATH 135 Precalc: Elementary Functions (3) (effective Fall 2018)
  • MATH 135T Precal: Elem Funct w/ Tutorial (4) (effective Fall 2020)
  • MATH 140 Precalc:Trig/Analytic Geometry (3) (effective Fall 2018)
  • MATH 140X Precalculus (4) (effective Fall 2018)
  • MATH 241 Calculus I (4) (Formerly offered as MATH 205 prior to Fall 2018) (effective Fall 2018)
  • MATH 242 Calculus II (4) (Formerly offered as MATH 206 prior to Fall 2018) (effective Fall 2018)
  • MATH 243 Calculus III (3) (Formerly offered as MATH 231 prior to Fall 2018) (effective Fall 2018)

3. Global and Multicultural Perspectives (6 semester hours)

Global and Multicultural Perspectives courses provide thematic treatments of global processes and cross-cultural interactions from a variety of perspectives. Students will gain a sense of human development from prehistory to modern times through consideration of narratives and artifacts from diverse cultures. At least one component of each of these courses will involve the indigenous cultures of Hawaiʻi, the Pacific, or Asia.

To satisfy this requirement, students must take a total of six credits: the six credits must come from two different groups comprised of FGA, FGB, or FGC.

These courses are also listed on the FG: Global and Multicultural Perspectives website.

FGA Group A: Prehistory to 1500

  • ART 175 Survey of World Art I (3) (effective Fall 2018)
  • HIST 151 World History to 1500 (3) (effective Fall 2018)
  • KHIS 151 Moaukala Ao Pae I (3) (effective Fall 2018)

FGB Group B: 1500 to Current

  • AG 230 Sustainable Agriculture (3) (effective Fall 2022)
  • ANTH 205 Cultural Anthropology (3) (effective Fall 2018)
  • ART 176 Survey of World Art II (3) (effective Fall 2018)
  • GEOG 102 World Regional Geography (3) (effective Fall 2019)
  • HIST 152 World History since 1500 (3) (effective Fall 2018)
  • KHIS 152 Moaukala Ao Pae II (3) (effective Fall 2019)
  • POLS 251 Intro to Comparative Politics (3) (effective Fall 2018)

FGC Group C: Prehistory to Current

  • ANTH 150 Humankind Emerging (3) (effective Fall 2018)
  • DRAM 101 Introduction to Theatre (3) (effective Fall 2020)
  • JPNS/JPST/ANTH 373 Performance Across Cultures (3) (effective Fall 2019)
  • KIND 240 Culture Revitalization Movemnt (3) (effective Fall 2018)
  • MUS 107 Music in World Cultures (3) (Formerly offered as MUS 166 prior to Fall 2019) (effective Fall 2018)
  • PHIL 100 Intro to Philosophy (3) (effective Fall 2018)