B.A. in Linguistics Requirements

Group 1. General Education Foundation, Diversification, Structural, and Integrative Requirements in effect Fall 2018

The B.A. in Linguistics provides students with the fundamental skills to analyze the structure of language, its place in the mind, and its role in society. Linguistics supports language revitalization, multilingual education, and Indigenous languages through its courses while promoting international cooperation by encouraging students to study languages in other countries.

Students may choose to graduate under the General Education Foundation, Diversification, Structural and Integrative requirements and graduation requirements in force at the time they entered the UH System, when they entered UH Hilo, or when they graduate, provided there is no break in enrollment.

Students should meet with their academic advisor to ensure that they enroll in courses that will enable them to meet these requirements as well as requirements for the major and for graduation. Some courses may meet both General Education requirements and major requirements.

The new GE foundations, diversification, structural and integrative requirements and lists of certified courses are posted on the General Education website.

Group 2. Major Requirements and Assigned Credits (46 credits)

  1. Core Courses

    • LING 102 Introduction to Linguistics (3)
    • LING 311 Phonetics and Phonology (3)
    • LING 321 Morphology And Syntax (3)
    • LING 490 Res and Methods in Linguistics (3)
  2. Select one of the 3 areas below as an area of concentration and take at least 3 courses in that area. From the other 2 areas, take at least 1 course. (15 credits)

  • Structure/Grammar
    • LING 345 Historical & Comparative Ling (3)
    • ENG 324 Modern English Grammar & Usage (3)
    • LING 410 Semantics & Pragmatics (3)
    • JPNS 451 Structure Of Japanese I (3)
    • JPNS 452 Structure Of Japanese II (3)
    • KHAW 453 Hawn Phonetics & Phonol (3)
    • KHAW 454 Hawn Morphology & Syntax (3)
  • Applied/Sociolinguistics
    • LING 347 Pidgins And Creoles (3)
    • LING 356 Language and Gender (3)
    • LING 412 Discourse Analysis (3)
    • LING 432 Critical Applied Linguistics (3) 1
    • LING 442 Languages in Hawaiʻi (3) 1
    • ANTH 331 Lang in Culture & Society (3)
    • ENG 350 Second Lang Acquisition Theory (3)
    • JPNS 345 Methods for Teaching Japanese (3)
  • Language Maintenance, Revitalization, and Policy
    • KIND 240 Culture Revitalization Movemnt (3)
    • LING 432 Critical Applied Linguistics (3) 1
    • LING 442 Languages in Hawaiʻi (3) 1
    • LING 434 Indigenous Languages of the US (3)
    • LING 445 Explor Bilingual & Immers Ed (3)
    • KHWS 496 Hawaiian Studies Seminar (3)
  1. Three additional semester hours in Linguistics (or other related and approved field) at the 300- or 400-level (3).

  2. 16 university credits in second/auxiliary language study, 4 credits of which must be in a different language from the other credits. In certain circumstances, students may substitute demonstrated fluency in a second/auxiliary language in lieu of up to 8 credits. (16)

1 Note: Courses are listed in two areas but count toward only one.

Total Semester Hours Required for the B.A. in Linguistics

120 credits required.


  1. Students must earn at least a 2.0 GPA in courses required for the major.
  2. At least 45 credits must be earned in courses at the 300- or 400-level.
  3. To earn a Bachelor of Arts degree in Linguistics, students must fulfill the requirements for the major and meet all of the University’s other baccalaureate degree requirements. (Please see the Baccalaureate Degree Requirements in this Catalog.)
  4. Students wishing to make timely progress toward graduation are urged to pay careful attention to all degree requirements.
  5. In addition, when planning a schedule of courses, it is imperative to be aware of course prerequisites and the frequency with which courses are offered. This information is available in the course listings in this Catalog.
  6. To ensure progress toward degree completion, students are urged to meet with an advisor each semester before registering.