Find Your Tsunami Evacuation Route

Because a tsunami can strike at any time, being adequately prepared and knowing what to do beforehand could save your life. For the State of Hawaiʻi, evacuation maps are available online and included in the government pages at the front of your telephone book. The maps are based on computer models using inundation run-ups from historical tsunamis.

Google map of the Big Island showing coastal tsunami innundation zones highlighted in red

If you find that you live or work within an inundation zone, become familiar with evacuation routes. Teach your family where the evacuation routes are as well.

Entering Tsunami Evacuation Area and Leaving Tsunami Evacuation Area street signs may also be posted on roads near coastal areas.

Leaving Tsunami Evacuation Area street sign

Entering Tsunami Evacuation Area street sign

Hawaiʻi County Civil Defense Active Alerts

Visit the Civil Defense website for up-to-date information.