Maunakea Stewardship

Maunakea User Orientation

The Maunakea Comprehensive Management Plan includes a requirement of an orientation for all observatory staff, tour operators, support staff, contractors, vendors, Rangers, etc. prior to working on, or in support of activities on, UH Managed lands (see page 7-22, Management Action EO-2 for details and an implementation plan approved by the Department of Land & Natural Resources). This orientation must be repeated every three (3) years, more frequently if required by a permit, or as directed by the Maunakea Management Board. For those visiting Maunakea under a permit (CDUP, Special Use, Commercial Operator, Vendor, Contractor, etc.), participation is tracked and summary statistics reported annually to the State of Hawaiʻi, Board of Land & Natural Resources.

To receive credit for the Maunakea User Orientation with the CMS, visit the Maunakea User Orientation Assessment form. Credit is earned and confirmed via the following process.

  1. Watch the video .
  1. Watch this second video .
  1. Complete the assessment quiz, answering all questions.
  2. You must correctly answer at least 75% of the questions to receive credit.
  3. CMS staff will review your assessment score and either issue a certificate or notify you to retake the quiz (in which case weʻll email you a new quiz link). Certificates are typically issued within seven (7) working days of successfully passing an assessment.

Everyone is welcome and encouraged to watch the orientation. The requirement applies to those groups identified above and in the Comprehensive Management Plan. A brief version for public visitors is in preparation.

Email if you have questions.