Maunakea Shared Services

Maunakea Shared Services

Maunakea Shared Services (MKSS) is a logistical services organization that operates under the direction and funding of the MKSS Oversight Committee. MKSS provides support for all organizations working on Maunakea, maintains the summit access road from the start of the gravel/cinder section to the summit and operates and maintains the mid-level facilities at Halepōhaku.

The 19-acre mid-level facilities at Halepōhaku include the Food & Lodging operations for those working on Maunakea, staff maintenance facilities and the Onizuka Center for International Astronomy aka the Maunakea Visitor Information Station.

MKSS is a project of Research Corporation of the University of Hawaiʻi operating under the University of Hawaiʻi Institute for Astronomy.

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Maunakea Obervatories

Panoramic view of the Maunakea observatories, covered with snow