LibCat Limiters

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LibCat offers many ways to limit, or refine, search results so you don’t have to scroll through a long list of items you aren’t interested in. To the left of the Results list are several ways to refine your results.

LibCat search results page for hula LibCat search showing Refine your results options.

Sort By

LibCat displays the most relevant result at the top of the list, “Google style.” You can change this under “Sort by” to see the newest items at the top, the oldest at the top, or have the results listed alphabetically by title or author.

LibCat Refine your results Sort by option displaying Relevance

LibCat Refine your results Sort by options: Relevance, Date-newest, Date-oldest, Title, Author


LibCat Availability Refine option: Held by library or Available Online

Below the “Sort by” option is Availability, which allows you to see what items are physically in the library and which items are available online, i.e., ebooks.

Subject Headings

Below Availability is a list of Subject headings – think of these as hashtags: every item is assigned one or more of these headings. Subject headings are a good way to find alternative terms that you can use to search for more items. You might also find a different aspect of a subject that you hadn’t thought of that you want to research.

Resource Type

LibCat Refine option Resource Type: Books, Audio, Videos, Scores, Manuscripts, Show More By selecting a particular Resource Type, you can limit the results list more so you don’t have to look at audio and video titles if you need a book.