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HaleakalaHaleakala, Maui Picture Credit: Jadelynn Moniz Nakamura

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Current Funding Opportunity Announcements

EXTENDED Integrated Wildland Fire Management Plan for Proposed Marine Corps Range and Training Area on the Island of Tinian, Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands

Responses to this Responses to this Request for Statements of Interest (RSOI) will be used to identify potential Recipients for a project to be funded by the Department of the Navy (DoN) to develop an Integrated Wildland Fire Management Plan for the Military Use Area (MLA) on Tinian Island. Approximately $74,272 is expected to be available to support this program.

Please send electronic responses and questions to the following:
Kristopher Tom, Grants Officer, Tel: (808) 474-4551
Melissa Tsuha, Tel: (808) 351-0674

Past RSOIs

For previous funding announcements and opportunities please check our Opportunities Archive.