According to Women’s Studies employment researchers Berger & Radeloff,

“The truth is that Women’s and Gender Studies graduates go on to become professionals in many areas, including politics, medicine, and higher education administration, and secure employment in the private, public, and government sectors. They also become practitioners in the trades, as well as independent business owners.” (Berger, Michelle Tracy & Radeloff, Cheryl. 2015.

Transforming Scholarship: Why Women’s and Gender Studies Students Are Changing Themselves and the World. New York: Routledge Press.)

Students who undertake a Gender and Women’s Studies major or minor develop a diverse set of skills that speak to a growing multicultural and gender diverse society. Students cultivate a “language of gender” that enable them to become successful in employment and civic engagement. Employers emphasize the value of the following skills Gender and Women’s Studies students excel in: critical thinking, scholarly research, writing and communication, collaborative leadership and ethics, diversity and cultural competency, and coalition building.

While typically many students and parents might question the value of a Gender and Women’s Studies degree in their career paths, according Berger & Radeloff, global research has shown that a degree in Women’s Studies can help you in any job. “Participants report using many WGST skills, including using gender as a category of analysis, critical thinking, considering an issue from multiple perspectives, and the ability to communicate effectively, in their professional lives.” Some examples of career paths include:

  • Health Professions focusing on women’s health and HIV/AIDS issues: (doctors, surgeons), nurses in psychiatric and operating room settings
  • Health Clinic Medical Assistant
  • Certified Public Accountant
  • Director of Public Relations
  • Government Services Executive
  • Civil Rights Lawyer
  • Administrator at Equal Rights Advocates
  • Sexual Assault Victim Advocate
  • First Woman president of Harvard University

Due to the interdisciplinary nature of a Women’s Studies degree, many students impact a large sector of the employment market, ranging in the Health and Medical world, Corporate world and the Social and Human Services including non-profit organizations (domestic and international contexts). Moreover, Women’s Studies students become agents of change. They consistently embark in careers that better world through their activism and leadership in social justice.

Undertaking a degree in Gender and Women’s Studies will prove to be a satisfying and lucrative possibility in the various career paths you choose to take. Join Gender and Women’s Studies and learn to speak the “language of gender” in our ever-increasing diverse society.