Life Sciences, room 2


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Sciences and Technology Building, room 112

Research: Elemental cycling and secondary metabolite biosynthesis in environmental microbes.
Courses: Fundamentals of Microbiology, Biology of Microorganisms, Intro to Cell & Molecular

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Life Sciences, room 15A

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Life Sciences, room 11

Natalie R. Graham, Ph.D. (she/her)

Assistant Professor of Biology

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Sciences and Technology Building, room 116

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Life Sciences, room 9

Research: Biomarkers in cancer cell lines.
Courses: General Biology, Human Anatomy and Physiology, Biostatistics, Immunology.

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Sciences and Technology Building, room 115

Research: Ecology and conservation of Hawaiian forests and forest birds.
Courses: Biostatistics, General Ecology, Avian Biology, Field Ornithology.

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Life Sciences, room 6

Courses: Introduction to Biology Lecture and Laboratory, Senior Seminar, History and Conservation of the Hawaiian Islands.

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Life Sciences, room 5

Joel A. Kaufmann, Ph.D.

Instructor of Biology

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Wentworth Hall, room 10B

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Sciences and Technology Building, room 110

Research: Evolutionary ecology of marine and terrestrial organisms.
Courses: Biostatistics, Natural History of the Hawaiian Islands, Advanced Tropical Island Ecology and Evolution.

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Sciences and Technology Building, room 109

Research: Agro-ecology, ecological genetics of crop species, food security.
Courses: Introductory Biology, Evolution, Intro to Cell and Molecular Biology, Genetics.

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Sciences and Technology Building, room 113

Research: Investigating the neuromodulatory effects of compounds derived from Native Hawaiian plants.
Courses: Genetics, Intermediate Cell and Molecular Biology.

Research: Long-term forest dynamics in relation to climate change, nutrient cycling, invasive species, functional traits and restoration ecology.
Courses: General Ecology, Conservation Biology, Biostatistics, Plant Ecology, TCBES Core Courses.

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University Classroom Building, room 266

Research: Marine mammal behavior and mating systems, humpback whales, spinner dolphins, animal cognition.
Courses: Marine Mammal Behavior, Animal Cognition.

Kristina L. Paxton

Affiliate Tropical Conservation Biology and Environmental Science; Postdoctoral Researcher, Biology

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Life Sciences, room 8

Research: Movement Ecology, Avian Disease, and Conservation Genetics
Courses: Biostatistics, Introductory Biology, Quantitative Ecology, Conservation Biology and Environmental Science Field and Laboratory Methods

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Sciences and Technology Building, room 111

Research: Regulation of cell division, with a focus on the use of in vitro biochemistry and in vivo cell biology to understand the mitotic spindle.
Courses: Biochemistry, Cell Biology and Fundamental Microbiology.

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Life Sciences, room 4

Courses: Intermediate Cell and Molecular Biology, Biology of Microorganisms, Microbiology, Biochemistry, and Genetics Laboratories.