Bachelor of Arts in Art

The baccalaureate program in art is the study of visual art. The program explores the creative, experimental, and developmental aspects of art. The study of art involves the practice of art in the studio environment, art as an expression of our cultural heritage, and an understanding of the history of art. The program provides students, the university, and the community with visual arts experiences in regional, national, and international contexts.

Lower-division courses provide study in basic theory, study of different media, and the development of skills in the application and practice of studio art. Courses in the upper-division pursue advanced theory and studio applications involving explorations of individual expression.

The program emphases are painting, drawing, and printmaking studio. Other specific areas of study can be arranged through consultation with the Art Department and the College of Arts and Sciences.

Art Minor

See the requirements for the Art Minor.

Digital Media Art Certificate

The Digital Media Art Certificate can be completed as part of the Art Major for the Bachelor of Arts Degree, or it can be a stand-alone certificate for students not majoring in art. The Digital Media Certificate requires foundations classes in drawing and 2D design, contemporary art history, and a selection of upper level studio classes with digital media focus.

Digital Visualization and Communication Certificate

This certificate offers a pathway for students in the areas of digital visualization and communication with an interdisciplinary influence. The certificate provides a diverse structural study with practical skills in visual reasoning, digital imaging, communication, team collaboration, and creatively interpreting analytical data.

The Digital Visualization and Communication Certificate is designed for both majors and non-majors who wish to show expertise in the areas of digital arts and visualizing data. Prerequisites must be completed before registering for individual courses in the certificate.