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Aerial view of Lava advancing on a residential area

Waiʻōpae Destroyed By Lava


The Guardian recently covered the Kīlauea eruption and the destruction of Kapoho Bay.

A diver places a transect on a section of reef

Computers on the Reef


Software tools that digitize and annotate underwater images are transforming marine ecology.

extensive bleached coral on the ocean floor

Widespread coral bleaching event to hit U.S. hard for third straight year


Sea temperatures will remain higher-than-normal for an “unprecedented” third consecutive year.

Face illustration with computer parts - mouse as mouth, tablet as face, etc

New Discoveries in Hawaiian Archipelago


Researchers discover 3 new species of fish and document algal blooms in NWHI.

divers don SCUBA breathing masks on a boat

Behind the Scenes: Breeding super coral


A team of scientists are using assisted evolution to grow coral that can withstand climate change.

Aerial view of an island, showing the coral reef surrounding

Creating corals that can survive climate change


Scientists may be coming up with a way to protect the fragile reefs for the warmer world of the future

Ocean 180 Video Challenge logo

Finalists for Ocean 180 Video Challenge


John Burns & Cliff Kapono have been selected as finalists for the 2016 Ocean 180 Video Challenge.

Side by side images showing coral before and after bleaching

Corals worldwide hit by bleaching


From Hawaiʻi to Papua New Guinea to the Maldives, coral reefs are bleaching — in so many regions that the US National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) officially declared a global bleaching event on 8 October.

Healthy coral reef in the western pacific ocean

Waving, Not Drowning


A new study finds that coral reefs in the Western Pacific are growing fast enough to beat sea-level rise.

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