Welcome to the Coral Health Atlas

Our Purpose

The Coral Health Atlas provides easily accessible data, immersive visual displays, and general information for study sites throughout the Hawaiian Archipelago. We hope to promote a global understanding of the importance of healthy coral reefs in order to protect and conserve these precious ecosystems.

About Coral Health

Due to isolation and high levels of endemism, the health and function of coral reefs in Hawaiʻi is inherently susceptible to harmful environmental stressors. Nearshore marine ecosystems in Hawaiʻi are currently threatened by global climate change as well as local stressors, such as resource exploitation and land based pollution, driven by a rapidly expanding human population.

Photo by John Burns

Screenshot of interactive map

Interactive Map

The Interactive Map allows users to view coral health data at each study site. The page also provides historical and general information about our study sites. Users can also view immersive 360-degree panoramic videos and 3D reef models to virtually explore each location.

The interactive data map can be used to compare coral health between sites, species, or by specific diseases. The data interface provides access to mean values of severity and prevalence for various diseases and conditions of reduced health.

Our Research

We combine an array of research methods to investigate the biology and ecology of coral health. The data and results are collated to provide a comprehensive understanding of the impacts of disease on the structure and function of coral reef ecosystems. Epizootiological studies, long-term monitoring, histology, molecular characterization, and 3D reconstruction are a few of the techniques we use to investigate coral health.

Divers using transects to map coral on the ocean floor

Coral reef just below the ocean surface, with mountain in background

Latest News

Read about the latest news in marine biology, and keep up to date with what’s happening to coral reefs around the globe.