Pre-Pharmacy Certificate

Coordinator: Mazen Hamad , Ph.D.

The Pre-Pharmacy Certificate, offered by the Department of Chemistry, College of Arts & Sciences, in conjunction with the Daniel K. Inouye College of Pharmacy Pre-Pharmacy Program is a minimum two-year comprehensive preparatory program of study toward admittance in to the professional curriculum leading to a Doctor of Pharmacy Degree (Pharm.D.) The Pre-Pharmacy Certificate provides students with the necessary prerequisite course requirements for application to the UH Hilo Pharm.D. Program.

The Pre-Pharmacy Certificate program helps prepare students toward successful application to Colleges of Pharmacy. Students also have the option to complete a four-year undergraduate degree program in Chemistry- Health Sciences during and after completion of their Pre-Pharmacy requirements, thereby expanding their career options after graduation. Students are strongly encouraged to start their freshman year with CHEM 161-161L General Chemistry I (3), General Chemistry I Lab (1) which are prerequisites for Organic Chemistry (CHEM 241-241L Organic Chem I (3), Organic Chem I Lab (1) and CHEM 242-242L Organic Chem II (3), Organic Chem II Lab (1) ). Students are also encouraged to take the math placement exam during their freshman year. For all prerequisite coursework, students must earn a letter grade of "C" or better.

Advising is a very important resource designed to help students complete the requirements of the University and their individual majors. Students should consult with their advisor at least once a semester to decide on courses, check progress towards graduation, and discuss career options and other educational opportunities provided by UH Hilo. Advising is a shared responsibility, but students have final responsibility for meeting degree and/or certificate requirements.

Program Curriculum

Curriculum requirements include a total of 68-69 credit hours (30-31 pre-core, 36 core science). This coursework is structurally aligned with the curriculum requirements towards a BS in Chemistry- Health Sciences or a BA/BS degree in Biology at UH Hilo. Details of course listings and transfer tables are available on the DKICP website.

Students should meet with the Pre-Pharmacy advisor to ensure that they enroll in courses that will enable them to take recommended Pre-Pharmacy General Education courses. This is particularly important for students who plan to earn the BA in Pharmacy Studies while earning their Doctor of Pharmacy Degree.

  1. Group 1. Pre-Core Requirements (31) The Pre-Core Requirements should include:
    • English Composition (3)
    • Language Arts (3)
    • Quantitative Reasoning (MATH 241 Calculus I (4) ) (4)
    • World Cultures (3)
    • Humanities (6)
    • Social Sciences (6)
    • Speech (3)
    • Economics (3)
  2. Group 2. Natural Science Requirements (36)
    • BIOL 171-171L Introductory Biology I (3), Introductory Biology I Lab (1)
    • BIOL 172-172L Introductory Biology II (3), Introductory Biology II Lab (1)
    • CHEM 161-161L General Chemistry I (3), General Chemistry I Lab (1)
    • CHEM 162-162L General Chemistry II (3), General Chemistry II Lab (1)
    • CHEM 241-241L Organic Chem I (3), Organic Chem I Lab (1)
    • CHEM 242-242L Organic Chem II (3), Organic Chem II Lab (1)
    • BIOL 243-243L Human Anatomy & Physiology I (3), Human Anatomy & Physio I Lab (1)
    • BIOL 244-244L Human Anatomy & Physiology II (3), Human Anatomy & Physio II Lab (1)
    • BIOL 275-275L Fund Microbiology (3), Microbiology Lab (1) or BIOL 375-375L Biology of Microorganisms (3), Biology of Microorganisms Lab (1)