Hawaiian Studies Minor

Department Chair: Jason Iota Cabral, Ph.D.
Website: https://olelo.hawaii.edu/

The Hawaiian Studies Minor is designed for students pursuing a degree other than Hawaiian Studies who are interested in Hawaiian language and culture.

Requirements (23 credits):

  1. Required Courses (11)

    • 8 semester hours taken from any Hawaiian Language course not including HAW 101-102 and HAW 105
    • One of the below courses (3)
      • HWST 111 Hawaiian ʻOhana (3)
      • HWST 176 Hist & Dev Of Hawn Music (3)
      • HWST 211 Hawaiian Ethnobotany (3)
      • HWST 213 Hawaiian Ethnozoology (3)
  2. Electives (12)

    • 12 credits selected from any 300- or 400-level requirement or any 300- or 400-level elective of the B.A. in Hawaiian Studies Options I or II


  1. Students in the B.A. in Hawaiian Studies program are not eligible to pursue the minor, since the minor is designed for students in other degree programs.
  2. Students pursuing the minor may also pursue certificates offered within Ka Haka ʻUla O Keʻelikōlani.