Campus Center Mission & Philosophy

Campus Center Mission The UH Hilo Campus Center is a catalyst for leadership, social, cultural, educational and recreational development of the University's student population through co-curricular programs, activities and services. The Campus Center serves as a laboratory of citizenship by developing socially responsible leaders who become effective forces for change in our communities and who foster a sense of responsibility for active citizenship to perpetuate our democratic society.

Campus Center Philosophy Learning is a lifelong adventure. The Campus Center’s programs and services affirm that learning comes from many sources. Co-curricular learning is integral to our students’ total higher education experience. Campus Center’s programs and service provide hands-on opportunities to practice concepts and skills that complement and enhance their academic learning. This experiential learning prepares our student for the transition toward independence and self-responsibility and to support their life and career choices. Campus Center encouraged our community to be socially responsible and active leaders who become a effective forces for positive change.

Campus Center's Core Values

Quality We strive for the best. We bring honesty, accountability, and professionalism to all that we do. By embracing change while respecting and valuing tradition, we continue to improve our organization and ourselves.

Service Excellence We want every person to feel valued when they walk through our doors. We prioritize exceptional experiences by anticipating needs and exceeding expectations for those we serve.

Community Building We are committed to creating and maintaining mutually beneficial and productive relationships for a culture where collaboration, participation, care, and respect are modeled in all that we do.

Student Development To prepare students to be engaged citizens and community leaders, we are dedicated to creating an environment that is conducive to student learning, self-discovery, and social growth through opportunities for involvement outside of the classroom.

Fun We’re more than just a building. The events, services, and facilities we provide create an engaging and entertaining atmosphere that foster wellbeing and social connectedness for the Hilo community. Simply put, we take our jobs seriously, but not ourselves.