Aims and Scope

Pacific Agriculture and Natural Resources publishes peer-reviewed original research, reviews, and commentaries on all aspects of agricultural science and natural resource management in the pacific basin. The journal also publishes book reviews, letters, as well as technical notes on new methodology. The publication of original contributions is focused on the following topics:

  • Agricultural and biological engineering: the development and improvement of cultivation methods and livestock production systems, food processing, nursery and greenhouse engineering, and power systems and machinery design
  • Crop protection: emphasizing the practical aspects of pest, disease and weed control
  • Economics: agricultural economics, environmental economics, and natural resource economics; agribusiness
  • Fisheries and Aquatic Science: applied and fundamental research relevant to freshwater, brackish and marine environments
  • Food and Agriculture food health and nutrition, food science and technology, food safety, plant and animal husbandry, plant and animal products as human food or animal feed, environmental impacts of agriculture
  • Forestry and Agroforestry: ecology, biotechnology, physiology, silviculture, wood science, economics, and management of forests and agroforestry systems
  • Horticulture: research on fruit and other perennial crops, plant tissue culture, vegetables and ornamentals in commercial, amenity and recreational horticulture
  • Natural Resource: focusing on natural renewable resources such as geothermal power, fresh water, timber, and biomass; management and conservation of wildlife
  • Sustainable Agriculture: recycling crop waste and livestock or human manure, genetically engineering (non-legume) crops to form nitrogen-fixing symbioses, Integrated Pest Management, organic farming, energy use, conservations, and the economic, social, and philosophical aspects of sustainable agriculture

Research papers and reviews are reviewed by a coordinating editor and two reviewers. Research reports, book reviews and announcements are reviewed by the Editor-in-Chief and, if necessary, one other reviewer.